LIAR THIEF BANDIT – Deadlights (2021)

Deadlights” is the third studio album by Swedish power trio (with the help of some friends) LIAR THIEF BANDIT, but our first approach to them. The band’s name makes you think about a screamo outfit, however the group describes their sound as a combination of ’70s Garage Rock mixed with Modern Hard Rock.
While there’s indeed some garage-like riffage here, these young Scandinavian have much more up their sleeve, combining as well traditional Hard Rock, ’80s NWOBHM, Stadium Rock & more.
In fact, there are times that seems we’re listening to a 2020 version of KISS from the 1980s mixed with the 1970’s Hard Rock. Opener “Deadlights” is fresh and exciting as KISS were in the beginning of their career. Then pay close attention to the guitar solo of “Brand New Day” and feel Ace Frehley’s magic touch in it embellished by a tricky guitar riffing…