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LIAISON – Hard Hitter +1 [Remastered 500 copies] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

The last of the LIAISON albums from their 2020 eissue series, “Hard Hitter” comes fully remastered including a bonus track. While still retaining their melodic core and some AOR touches, “Hard Hitter” make justice to its title: this third effort finds the band rocking harder than ever before, with that punchy sound of the 1992 US productions.
According to the material on offer, this time the Melby brothers used the services of Lanny Cordola (HOUSE OF LORDS). Tony Palacios (GUARDIAN) and Oz Fox (STRYPER) for the guitar solos.
HIGHLY Recommended

LIAISON – Liaison [30th Anniversary Edition Remastered / 500 copies] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

One of the finest acts from the American CCM AOR movement from the late 80s / early 90s, LIAISON was an arena rock band that was cast in the same mold as Def Leppard, White Heart, Allies, Giant, some Toto, etc. Formed by the Melby brothers (Larry; vocals and Tim; guitars, keyboards) their self-titled debut album “Liaison” was produced by renowned AOR songwriter Bill Baumgart, and featured among the top class session musicians Toto’s Jeff Porcaro performing all drums and Michael Landau many of the guitar solos.
Now 2020, celebrating its 30th Anniversary (the album was in fact originally released 1989) we have this remastered version.
“Liaison” packs some delicious melodic tunes with big choruses, charging guitars, and pitch perfect vocals.

LIAISON – Urgency +1 [Remastered 500 copies] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

LIAISON was an American arena rock band with ‘big hair’ (look the cover art!) that was cast in the same mold as White Heart, Giant, Def Leppard, and alike. Renowned Bill Baumgart produced the band’s first 2 albums and on this second effort “Urgency” was even listed as a member of the group.
Originally released in 1991, on “Urgency” the Melby brothers Larry and Tim attained a grittier sound, rocking even harder than the self-titled debut – featuring massive background vocals arrangements and a huge production sound.
This fresh remastered reissue includes a bonus track and it’s limited to 500 copies.