LEAVING EDEN – Fable (2021)

American female-fronted rockers LEAVING EDEN are releasing tomorrow their new effort “Fable” via Dark Star Records and distributed world-wide by Sony / Universal.
Fronted by the charismatic lead vocalist Eve, LEAVING EDEN have been making a name for themselves for a decade, and while their music is firmly rooted in classic Eighties / Nineties hard rock, for “Fable” they have turned the proceedings much more melodic.
Most the songs on this new opus are mid-paced rockers where the keyboards of the other female member of the band (Alyssa Bailey White) gained an augmented role than before…

LEAVING EDEN – The Agony Of Affliction (2019)

Tomorrow appears “The Agony Of Affliction“, the new album by LEAVING EDEN. Fronted by the Charismatic female lead vocalist Eve the band has shared the stage with top names in the business. With this new CD the band hope a world wide expansion. There’s 2 great things about this album: the band’s modern sound is spiced with classic hard rock...