LAZARUS – Down N’ Dirty [1992-94 / First Time on CD Remastered] (2020)

Demon Doll Records is bringing another US glam metal band to the forefront as LAZARUS now have a career spanning album titled ”Down N’ Dirty”, consisting of 19 songs digitally remastered for the first time on CD.
Includes their cassette-only album “Miss B Haven” (1992) and 1994’s “Bombz Away” (pressed on CD but for promo, few copies), plus 3 bonus tracks from their 1988 debut demo “Have A Taste”.
LAZARUS deliver one knock out glam metal shot after another with that classic US style circa 1988, very well recorded & produced for the most part.
It’s rocking catchy stuff form an unknown but good band from the golden era.
These guys rock with attitude…