LACED IN LUST – First Bite (2021)

Australia’s ’80s influenced hard rockers LACED IN LUST are releasing their debut full length “First Bite” tomorrow, following three EP’s that the band supported with tours across Australia and Europe.
Ten years on the road has paid its duties, as LACED IN LUST were ready for a full album after oiling their brand of catchy bluesy hard rock on stage. Similar to Great White plus that ‘Aussie’ feeling, “First Bite” rocks.
Rocking and grooving away, there’s a touch of American 1986 sleazy and a ton of sexiness to Laced In Lust’s sound. The whole of this album could be released as singles and both the rock and mainstream crowds would eat it up.
Send your mind back to a time when rock clubs were packed to the rafters and…