KK’s PRIEST – Sermons of the Sinner (2021) HQ

It’s startling to think that it’s already been ten years since legendary guitarist KK Downing left heavy metal icons Judas Priest in a well documented and not entirely amicable parting of the ways. After taking some time out, in 2018 Downing established KK’s Steel Mill, a music and arts venue where onstage alongside former Priest members Les Binks and Tim “Ripper” Owens, plus Hostile guitarist AJ Mills and former Megadeth bassist David Ellefson, the foundations for solo debut ”Sermons of the Sinner” were laid the following year.
Recruiting Voodoo Six bassist Tony Newton and drummer Sean Elg (hired after Binks injured his wrist) KK PRIEST‘s debut record was delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic but rather than be disheartened, Downing took this time and used it to his advantage, tweaking and tidying up any detail with which he wasn’t entirely satisfied.