KITT WAKELEY (feat. Joe Satriani & Andy Timmons) – Symphony of Sinners and Saints (2021)

Multi-award-winning composer / keyboardist KITT WAKELEY is releasing “Symphony of Sinners and Saints“, a fascinating record that blurs the lines between movie soundtrack and hard rock album, going from gorgeous orchestrations to heavy guitar riffs and thundering drums.
Unlike many instrumental rock albums of the past 30 years, which essentially seem to be an excuse for an impossibly talented guitarist to shred for all that he/she is worth, there is an almost impossibly melodic approach to this album, with lots of very cool orchestration across all of the tracks and with focus on melody and instrumental arrangements to build each piece.
Kitt’s compositions are a fantastically energetic journey through an incredibly creative, sonic landscape, and his full rock band is joined by guest guitarists Joe Satriani & Danger Danger’s Andy Timmons, and the Royal Philharmonic and London Philharmonic. Yes, a real orchestra, something really rare to find nowadays, and recorded at the legendary Abbey Road studios in UK.
A stunning piece of creative…