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KISS – Best Of Solo Albums [Japan Hi-Res MQA-CD UHQCD / DSD remaster 2020] *EXCLUSIVE*

Universal Music Japan has released few months ago a High Resolution disc (MQA-CD + UHQCD) of KISSBest Of Solo Albums“, a 2020 DSD remaster based on the original analog tape converted to 352.8kHz / 24bit.
The compilation was never released in North America, so here it’s quite a rarity. Seems there never has been an official CD release either. Any CD would be a bootleg, until now: this Japanese is an official Universal Music release.
“Best Of Solo Albums“ is a really must have addition to your collection, even if you have all the solo albums: Paul Stanley’s “Take Me Away (Together As One)” is featured here in its complete version (not fade out like on the actual solo album), the intro to Peter Criss “I Can’t Stop The Rain” is louder in the mix, etc.
Excellent sound quality.
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KISS – Smashes, Thrashes & Hits [Japan Hi-Res MQA-CD UHQCD / DSD remaster 2020] *EXCLUSIVE*

And the last release of the KISS ‘best of 2020 series’ made by Universal Music Japan on a High Resolution disc (MQA-CD + UHQCD) DSD master based on US original analog tape converted to 352.8kHz / 24bit is “Smashes, Thrashes & Hits“, at the time the fourth KISS hits album overall but the second released by the band in the United States (‘Killers’ and ‘Chikara’ were not released there originally).
Of the 15 songs on the album, two were new compositions, and three were released after the band’s unmasking in 1983. The remaining 10 were all released during the band’s years in make-up, and most of them, ‘remixed 1988’, which generated some controversy.
”Smashes, Thrashes & Hits [Japan Hi-Res MQA-CD UHQCD / DSD remaster 2020]” has been released past month, but it’s almost sold out. Hurry up to get your copy.
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KISS – Killers [Japan Hi-Res MQA-CD UHQCD / DSD remaster 2020] *EXCLUSIVE*

Universal Music Japan has released a couple months ago a High Resolution disc (MQA-CD + UHQCD) of KISSKillers“, a 2020 DSD remaster based on US original analog tape converted to 352.8kHz / 24bit.
At the time of its release (1982) “Killers” became a rarity, at least for the American public, because it wasn’t released in the USA. The album included some of the recent KISS hits re-mixed, but also 4 new songs, recorded specifically for this release.
These new songs were recorded at the behest of Phonogram / Casablanca Records, in response to the commercial failure of 1981’s Music from “The Elder”.
The sound definition of this MQA-CD + UHQCD is excellent.
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KISS – Double Platinum [Japan Hi-Res (MQA x UHQCD) Limited Release remaster 2020]

Universal Music Japan has released a couple months ago a High Resolution disc (MQA-CD + UHQCD) of KISS essential album “Double Platinum“, a 2020 DSD master based on US original analog tape converted to 352.8kHz / 24bit.
KISS’s first best compilation album summarizes the most representative songs from their first 6 original albums, but including a new recording “Strutter ’78” and other 9 songs in a newly re-mixed version.
KISS were cruising at high speed during their late-’70s heyday. The band’s label, Casablanca, decided to do things a little differently than it would to a standard greatest-hits package. Sean Delaney and Mike Stone remixed many of the tracks, peppering them with noticeable sonic tweaks.
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ACE FREHLEY – Origins Vol.2 (2020)

The second covers album from ACE FREHLEY, “Origins, Vol. 2,” kicks off with Led Zeppelin’s “Good Times Bad Times.” Ace is very much aware of that song being the first song on the first side of the first Zeppelin album, and the first single that the band released in the United States.
Mountain’s “Never in My Life” follows utilizing the lyrics from the Japanese album insert with the more appropriate “bolt of lightning” reference. For some this song is less well known than the signature “Mississippi Queen,” but it features a riff that Jimi Hendrix purportedly dug on hearing while Mountain worked in the studio in 1970.
Fans of the heavier Frehley penned KISS classic “Strange Ways” should dig the riff too. In addition to connecting with old songs, Frehley has also reconnected with old friends on “Origins, Vol. 2.” The first of

KISS – The Hottest Show On Earth [Simfy Live / Guadalajara, Mexico, 10.02.10] *EXCLUSIVE*

The Hottest Show On Earth Tour” was a concert tour by KISS in support of their 19th studio album, Sonic Boom. It is essentially the North American leg of the Sonic Boom Over Europe Tour, itself a continuation of the Kiss Alive/35 World Tour that started in 2008.
As with previous concert tours, live recordings of every show were sold after the show at the venue by SymfyLive, officially approved by KISS.
KISS also played in Mexico for the first time since 2004 during this tour, and this ”The Hottest Show On Earth Tour” was captured in Guadalajara on Oct 02, 2010.
The sound quality is excellent, A MUST HAVE for KISS fans and collectors.
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KISS – Rock The Nation 2004 World Tour (Instant Live Series) 07.10.04 Columbus, OH *EXCLUSIVE*

As requested, here’s the out of print, rare, one of Instant Live Series of KISSRock The Nation 2004 World Tour” releases. ‘Kiss Instant Live‘ is a series of 2-CD live albums, each containing a recording of the complete set from a show on the Rock The Nation Tour from 2004. The discs were recorded and distributed through Live Nation, official Kiss merchandise.
The CD sets were issued in double-CD digipak format (same barcode for all shows). Covers had transparent stickers used for the venue, and disc track-listings were made available from the Instant Live website (no longer online) which could be printed by the purchaser and attached to the back of the package.
The set lists differ slightly between shows. This 07/10/04 Columbus, OH show includes most Kiss hits from their golden era. Sound quality is excellent / A++.
All of the ‘Kiss Instant Live’ albums from this tour are out of print.
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KISS – Sonic Boom Over Europe Series [Live in Stockholm 12.06.2010] *EXCLUSIVE*

“KISS Sonic Boom Over Europe” is a series of live albums (2xCDs, or USB stick), containing a recording of the complete set from a European show on the Sonic Boom Over Europe Tour which began May 1, 2010 in Sheffield, England.
Almost each show was recorded, and sold as souvenir for the fans. The discs were recorded and distributed through Simfy Live, official and approved by KISS.
Here we have, as requested one of these exclusive releases: “KISS Sonic Boom Over Europe / Live in Stockholm 12.06.2010”. The sound quality is Top Notch, A++
A collectors item
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WHITE TIGER (Mark St. John of KISS) – White Tiger [Remastered +5] (2019)

After recording on KISS’ 1984 album ‘Animalize’, guitarist Mark St. John (RIP) formed WHITE TIGER with vocalist David Donato, previously chosen by Tony Iommi as singer for Black Sabbath (but that did not last long).
The band released this debut LP in 1986, as you can guess looking at the cover artwork, a glam metal / US hard rock album released by E.M.C. Records with a sound style similar to KEEL.
White Tiger” now has been reissued in this remastered form including as bonus tracks the pre-production demos for the band’s second album that never crystallized.

KISS – Revenge [Japanese SHM-CD remastered]

One of you have asked our impression about the Japanese, high-fidelity SHM-CD format remastered version of “Revenge”, the underrated and killer KISS album originally released in 1992. Well, this remaster sounds million bucks. It’s much, much deeper at the low midrange, the overall sonic spectrum is clearer and it possesses a great dynamic range. Also, it’s being sold pretty cheap...

KISS – Chikara [Japan only release / out of print]

This rarity was requested by one of you; KISS Japanese-only release disc “Chikara”. Chikara (Japanese for “power”) was released on CD only in Japan in support of KISS’ 1988 Japanese tour. It includes KISS classics, many with different mixes and a picture sleeve featuring each band member in the the letters of the KISS logo. Exclusive to the Japanese market,...

KISS – KISSWORLD : The Best Of KISS [Remastered] (2019)

For fans needing a refresher on KISS’ biggest hits while the legendary band is on its final, End Of Rhe Road World Tour, a new collection titled “KISSWORLD – The Best of KISS” has made available. The 20-song compilation features such KISS staples as “Rock and Roll All Nite”, “Detroit Rock City”, “Beth”, “Love Gun” and more, all remastered. What’s...

ROCK CANDY MAGAZINE – Issue 7 / 8 / 9

As you know, Rock Candy Records is one of the best CD reissue labels out there. Since a couple of years, they are releasing a magazine, actually printed on paper like in the good ‘ol times.In the style of the essay included into each CD booklet about the band in question, ROCK CANDY MAGAZINE is a bi-monthly, 100-page Rock publication...

GENE SIMMONS – The Vault [11-CD / 166 unreleased songs] (2018) *EXCLUSIVE*

THE VAULT is Kiss’ founder GENE SIMMONS “Mother of all Box Sets”, with 166 unreleased songs on 10 CD plus 1 Bonus CD from Gene Simmons recordings over the Years 1966 -2016.In special designed Flight-Case, the numbered, limited-edition VAULT Includes: * 10 CD / 151 never-released-before songs written and performed by Simmons, and featuring notable rock and roll artists including...

ACE FREHLEY – Spaceman (2018)

ACE FREHLEY is on a roll, and he’s ready to embark on his next musical journey with “Spaceman”, his third solo outing in four years, and eighth overall. Amongst Ace’s post-KISS recorded output, “Spaceman might” be the closest link to his widely acclaimed 1978 solo record, both in spirit and execution. First off, Frehley played all of the guitar parts...