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KISS – Crazy Nights {Japan Ltd mini-LP Numbered SHM-CD Remastered} Out Of Print

As requested, more KISS in a remastered Japanese release on SHM-CD, not easy to find discs all out of print now. “Crazy Nights” is one perhaps the more ‘hair metal’ album from Stanley & Co., but at the same time if you dig deeper into the glossy production of the era, you’ll find some classic KISS tunes akin their Seventies glory days.
The sound quality of this Limited, mini-LP replica numbered SHM-CD is fantastic. I assure you there isn’t a better sounding version of this album out there.
Be aware of fake files floating around… this is the real one.
A collector’s item. Only at 0dayrox

KISS – Creatures Of The Night {Japan Ltd mini-LP Numbered SHM-CD Remastered} + 1985 Remix

Here’s another requested KISS in a remastered, Japanese release on SHM-CD, now the superb “Creatures Of The Night“, a Limited mini-LP replica numbered collector’s piece never re-printed, very hard to find.
As extra, we added the 1985 Remix version of the title track, more ‘suited’ to the glammy sound of the era.

KISS – Lick It Up {Japan Ltd mini-LP Numbered SHM-CD Remastered} Out Of Print

More KISS was requested in a remastered, Japanese releases on SHM-CD, so here’s “Lick It Up“, the first unmasked album from the band, and one of my favorites from the legendary band.
You gotta listen to the sound quality of this remastered release, fuller, pretty much in the late Nineties style, but works great for the production job on “Lick It Up”. This Limited, mini-LP replica numbered SHM-CD is a collector’s piece right now, very hard to find even used.

KISS – Animalize {Japan Ltd mini-LP Numbered SHM-CD Remastered} Out Of Print

It was asked by one of you if the remastered, Japanese version on SHM-CD of KISS‘ “Animalize” sounds better than any other digital disc release. “Animalize” sound design always made me scratch my head; I mean, it’s a very well produced album with that ‘new wave of Californian hard rock / hair metal sound’, but resulted quite shocking compared to KISS previous ‘classic sound”.
I never liked the first CD pressings, but this SHM-CD is really good, the best you can get on physical disc.

FREHLEY’S COMET – Second Sighting [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded]

As founding member and lead guitarist of Kiss, ACE FREHLEY – known affectionately as the Space Ace – was probably one of the most identifiable rock stars of the ’70s. Indeed, his profile was so prominent that when management had the brilliant idea of releasing four solo albums simultaneously, it was Ace’s record that not only sold the most but...

KISS – Revenge [Japanese SHM-CD remastered]

One of you have asked our impression about the Japanese, high-fidelity SHM-CD format remastered version of “Revenge”, the underrated and killer KISS album originally released in 1992. Well, this remaster sounds million bucks. It’s much, much deeper at the low midrange, the overall sonic spectrum is clearer and it possesses a great dynamic range. Also, it’s being sold pretty cheap...

KISS – Chikara [Japan only release / out of print]

This rarity was requested by one of you; KISS Japanese-only release disc “Chikara”. Chikara (Japanese for “power”) was released on CD only in Japan in support of KISS’ 1988 Japanese tour. It includes KISS classics, many with different mixes and a picture sleeve featuring each band member in the the letters of the KISS logo. Exclusive to the Japanese market,...

KISS – KISSWORLD : The Best Of KISS [Remastered] (2019)

For fans needing a refresher on KISS’ biggest hits while the legendary band is on its final, End Of Rhe Road World Tour, a new collection titled “KISSWORLD – The Best of KISS” has made available. The 20-song compilation features such KISS staples as “Rock and Roll All Nite”, “Detroit Rock City”, “Beth”, “Love Gun” and more, all remastered. What’s...

ROCK CANDY MAGAZINE – Issue 7 / 8 / 9

As you know, Rock Candy Records is one of the best CD reissue labels out there. Since a couple of years, they are releasing a magazine, actually printed on paper like in the good ‘ol times.In the style of the essay included into each CD booklet about the band in question, ROCK CANDY MAGAZINE is a bi-monthly, 100-page Rock publication...

GENE SIMMONS – The Vault [11-CD / 166 unreleased songs] (2018) *EXCLUSIVE*

THE VAULT is Kiss’ founder GENE SIMMONS “Mother of all Box Sets”, with 166 unreleased songs on 10 CD plus 1 Bonus CD from Gene Simmons recordings over the Years 1966 -2016.In special designed Flight-Case, the numbered, limited-edition VAULT Includes: * 10 CD / 151 never-released-before songs written and performed by Simmons, and featuring notable rock and roll artists including...

ACE FREHLEY – Spaceman (2018)

ACE FREHLEY is on a roll, and he’s ready to embark on his next musical journey with “Spaceman”, his third solo outing in four years, and eighth overall. Amongst Ace’s post-KISS recorded output, “Spaceman might” be the closest link to his widely acclaimed 1978 solo record, both in spirit and execution. First off, Frehley played all of the guitar parts...

PETER CRISS – Cat #1 [2018 reissue]

PETER CRISS album “Cat #1” has been finally reissued after a long legal dispute between indie label Tony Nicole Tony Records (who originally released the album) and Gene Simmons / Paul Stanley and ultimately, Criss himself.The album also features former Kiss bandmate Ace Frehley playing guitar on three tracks, ex-Talas singer Phil Naro, and future Queensryche guitarist Mike Stone. After...

HEAR ‘n AID – Stars [Japan Only CD pressing] Out Of Print

Here’s another special request; HEAR ‘n AID “Stars”, the ’80s metal all-star benefit album. Unbelievable, but the record never was reissued / remastered nor even released on CD yet. The only existing official CD press of HEAR ‘n AID is this Japanese release from 1994, of course out of print and with used copies fetching over U$D 250 at eBay....

KISS – Hot In The Shade [Japanese SHM-CD]

KISS “Hot In The Shade” released in Japan on high quality SHM-CD should be the most requested album on this blog ever. That’s because “Hot In The Shade” is perhaps the worst – technically speaking – sounding album of their entire career, and fans are looking for an improvement. 1988 was probably the worst year in KISS’ history. Their popularity...

ACE FREHLEY – Anomaly (Remastered Deluxe Edition) (2017)

On the heels of the historic KISS Reunion Tours (spanning 400+ show from 1996 to thru 2001) ACE FREHLEY began laboring over the material that would culminate in the 2009 release of “Anomaly”, the highest charting Frehley solo album since his self-titled debut in 1978 (which featured the only Top 20 KISS solo hit with New York Groove). Frehley is...