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KING KING – Maverick [Deluxe Edition +5] (2020)

With their just released studio album number five “Maverick“, British bluesy hard rockers KING KING deliver yet another superlative demonstration of songwriting prowess – a bit of FREE here, a smidge of early WHITESNAKE there, a dash of BAD COMPANY for good measure – led from the front by guitarist/ vocalist Alan Nimmo.
Recorded with a new line-up, ”Maverick” nevertheless sounds like a band that’s been together forever, with cohesive performances meshing together perfectly across the entire track list.
If there’s any specific change to speak of, it’s probably a gentle shift away from overt blues into more classic hard rock territory – a bit more THUNDER, perhaps – but otherwise it’s business as usual…

KING KING – Exile & Grace (2017)

KING KING – Exile & Grace (2017)

The previous KING KING record surprised us greatly with their mature, soulful sound. After listening to their new album “Exile & Grace” released today I can see why Black Country Communion has chosen King King as supporting band for their next tour. King King really do make this kind of Classic Rock thing sound so effortless. Having bagged yet more...

KING KING – Reaching For The Light (2015)

* This year has already been a great year for fans of bluesy hard rock / classic rock, but it still manages to keep on getting better, and the new album from Glasgow’s KING KING “Reaching For The Light” definitely raises the bar for rivals to match. “Reaching For The Light” is their 3rd album and my first approach to...