KIM MITCHELL – The Big Fantasize (2020)

Multi-platinum, Juno Award winning Rock icon and Canadian Songwriters Hall Of Fame inductee KIM MITCHELL is releasing today his highly anticipated new album, “The Big Fantasize” (El Mocambo Records), the first full-length recording since 2007.
Where its predecessor was a fiery and fierce rock album anchored by big riffs and bigger swagger, ”The Big Fantasize” is a more dynamic and musically expansive effort that perfectly encapsulates Mitchell’s prowess as a pure and compelling songwriter.
Ranging from the melodic rock perfection of ‘Best I Never Had’ (love this song) to calmer, elaborated, timeless midtempo rock&pop ballads, ”The Big Fantasize” is one of Mitchell’s most complete album to date.

KIM MITCHELL (Max Webster) – Kim Mitchell EP [Wounded Bird Remaster] + Akimbo Alogo [20th Anniversary remaster]

Alongside Max Webster’s remastered albums featured here, you really need to check out founder KIM MITCHELL solo debut remastered by Wounded Bird Records.
This is an incredibly difficult review to write. How? How can words do justice to this magnificent 5-song EP of Rock perfection? Am I supposed to somehow relay in English how this album makes me, and many other Max Webster fans feel? I don’t think it too crazy to suggest that the self-titled Kim Mitchell EP is the greatest EP Canadian Rock has produced.

MAX WEBSTER – The Party ; Unreleased Max (2017)

And here’s a delicious pie for all MAX WEBSTER / Kim Mitchell fans, “The Party ; Unreleased Max”. This collection of previously unreleased tracks were boxed not so long ago, and features juicy stuff from this talented Canadian band.
Here we find some songs that didn’t make it into Max’s LPs. Fans would know “Deep Dive” from Kim Mitchell’s solo live album, but this Max’s original 1982 demo is completely different. Same melody, same words, but a vastly different arrangement. It’s like rock and roll bluegrass, fast as possible, and insanely good. It was likely deemed too different to be on the ‘Universal Juveniles’ LP, but there’s no doubt it’s awesome and the highlight here.

MAX WEBSTER – Max Webster (Rock Candy Remastered)

All the early, essential Canadian Rock albums by MAX WEBSTER have been remastered by Rock Candy Records, and as requested by many of you, here’s the last from the batch, their rollicking self-titled debut “Max Webster”. Fronted by talented Kim Mitchell, MAX WEBSTER was an essential act in Canadian Rock history. When it comes to capturing the imagination and interest...