KIKIMORA – Dirty Nails (2021)

Founded by Brazen Abbot’s virtuoso guitarist Nikolo Kotzev in 2011, KIKIMORA is releasing tomorrow their international debut ”Dirty Nails”.
The name of the band comes from an ancient evil spirit in the Slavic mythology. Nikolo’s idea was to write new songs in his native Bulgarian language, focusing on live performances on local ground. Soon the band took a leading position on the Bulgarian rock scene, releasing an album enjoying quite a large media attention and made many appearances on TV and radio shows backed up guest singers like Joe Lynn Turner, Doogie White and Jörn Lande.
In late 2019 Nikolo began building a recording studio, and shortly after a decision to make to record in English language was set. The end result is explosive; “‘Dirty Nails” combines classic Deep Purple, Rainbow, Dio, etc, with a modern sheen and powerful production…