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KIDD GLOVE – Kidd Glove [Rock Candy remastered +4] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

At the early 80s and before his stupendous solo debut 1985 LP, Paul Sabu had become a name to watch. His superlative voice and penchant for crafting solid yet melodic rock made him a desirable commodity, something that didn’t escape the notice of a new record label called Morocco, a spin-off from Motown.
With a project under the name KIDD GLOVE, its self titled album appeared in 1984. While there has been a couple of remastered reissues, Rock Candy Records just released their own, including 4 bonus tracks, some of ’em never heard before.
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KIDD GLOVE (Paul Sabu) – Kidd Glove [YesterRock remaster + bonus]

With the recently presented here Hard Rock Zombies soundtrack performed by Paul Sabu and his -then- bandmates in KIDD GLOVE, one of you readers asked for this one.Among the many labels that re-release classics in the melodic rock genre, two are among the best: Rock Candy Records and YesterRock. The latter, sadly, ceased its operations. But in about 6 years...