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KICK (Nick Workman of Vega) – New Horizon [Remastered & Expanded]

KICK were one of the most underrated bands on the planet, having crafted all over 3 albums a unique sound which encompasses the best of traditional British hard rock with radio friendly modern melodic rock choruses. Their last album “New Horizon” has been Remastered & Expanded with extra tracks, a worthy addition to your collection for sure.

KICK (Nick Workman of Vega) – Sweet Lick Of Fire [Remastered & Expanded]

Formed by brothers Chris & Mike Jones, melodic rockers KICK enlisted one of the genre current best vocalists; Vega’s Nick Workman. “Sweet Lick Of Fire” is Kick’s second album where they expanded the sound mixing rocking riffs with commercial choruses and a slick modern sound, often compared with Harem Scarem style at the time. Kick was a band that played...

KICK (Nick Workman of Vega) – Consider This… [Remastered & Expanded +8]

British brothers Chris & Mike Jones operated under the name XL since the late 80s writing songs for other artists, then in 1998 hooked up with Nick Workman (future Vega vocalist) and created KICK. They were signed by Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) label Beast Records and their debut album “Consider This…” was released in Japan and later Europe in 1999. Kick did high profile tours with Europe, Thunder and Magnum.
“Consider This…” was a breath of fresh air for the melodic rock genre resurgence at the end of the Nineties, and exposed to the world the amazing vocals of Nick Workman.
This “Consider This… [Remastered & Expanded +8]” release was remastered by the Jones bros with the addition of 8 bonus tracks.

FREEFALL (pre KICK) – Rebel Hard [Remastered & Expanded +6 / Audio Vaults]

Alongside the XL / pre KICK album featured here, you need to check out the Chris & Mike Jones project they developed in between these bands in 1996: FREEFALL, that would soon become the excellent KICK.
The Jones brothers only album under the FREEFALL moniker was titled “Rebel Hard“, here remastered and expanded with the addition of 6 bonus tracks. In fact, this is the Japanese edition which already included 3 bonus, plus 3 previously unreleased songs.
Here the guys deliver a mix of – the at the time – their heavy DEF LEPPARD influence, add a pinch of early GUN, and of course the upcoming KICK. Catchy melodic hard rock with an abundance of hooks, endlessly-layered backing vocals, and….

EDEN – Into The Within [reissue] (2017)

EDEN – Into The Within [reissue] (2017)

EDEN (from UK) is built around the talents of great vocalist Nick Workman (VEGA) and Vince O’Regan (BOB CATLEY, LEGION). “Into The Within” is their last album, and while the Eden never disbanded, judging the success of Vega I can’t see a new album coming shortly. So Z-Records decided to reissue “Into The Within”, an album that certainly deserved more...

KICK – Memoirs (2013)

* Melodic Hard Rock fans may remember British band KICK, who were signed to Sanctuary in 1998 and released their great debut ‘Consider This…’ that same year with their sophomore effort ‘Sweet Lick Of Fire’ following some 3 years later.Much to everyone’s surprise – as tours with the likes of Thunder, Magnum, TNT and record sales were going considerably well...