KERRS PINK – Presence Of Life (2021)

Norwegian melodic prog band KERRS PINK has a curious history. The group broke up in 2002 then reformed 11 years later to release a fine comeback album. It’s now 8 years since that record and they grace us with their follow up ”Presence Of Life”.
KERRS PINK is fronted by Magic Pie vocalist Eirikur Hauksson and he fills the role perfectly. KERRS PINK has always been on the melodic side of prog – they’ve been around since the ’80s so there is no surprise that much of their sound has that old school vibe.
The band has two keyboardists so you get a barrage of Mellotron, Hammond organ, Mini-Moog, piano, and plenty of tasty guitar work, even the Moog Taurus pedals are here – all the good stuff we love.
At places, ”Presence Of Life” sounds a lot melodic rock with some Magnum, TEN, Bob Catley elements, add to that Marillion, Kayak & Saga musicality, and classy Camel / Yes atmospheres. Even songs like ‘The Book Of Dreams’ bring to mind Queen circa 1975.
Highly Recommended album