NIGHT RANGER – Live In Michigan ’84 [The complete show / ‘Alive The Live’ Japan release only]

Here’s another fulfilled request of NIGHT RANGER‘s “Live In Michigan ’84” complete show, as part of the very good Japanese specialized label “Alive The Live” series. There’s many bootlegs of this Aug 8, 1984 recording, but none with the sound quality of this CD (A++). No cuts between tracks, this the complete set list remastered.
When Night Ranger released in 1983 their 2nd studio album “Midnight Madness”, the band no more needed to support the likes of Ozzy Osbourne or ZZ Top, they became headliners touring the entire USA for over a year – started in Santa Cruz, CA on November 23, until December 31, 1984, performing more than 100 shows.
This is Night Ranger at the top of their game, playing the greatest songs from their first two albums with ‘that momentum’ like never hear after this tour. This was captured in the Summer of ’84, and Jack Blades & Co. deliver a storming performance.
HIGHLY Recommended
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NIGHT RANGER – Big Life [Japanese SHM-CD remastered]

Some time ago we already featured here “Big Life“, the last ’80s album recorded by NIGHT RANGER in its remastered Japanese SHM-CD version. It was a mini-LP replica limited edition / sold out, but few months after Universal Japan did a fresh reissue.
It supposedly uses the same, last remaster, the same manufacturing process, the same material for the physical disc, but… this one doesn’t sound the same.
Call me nuts, but while the original SHM-CD release delivered a bright sonic spectrum, this recent 2016 feels different; not better, not worse; different… and great.

NIGHT RANGER – Man In Motion [Japan SHM-CD remastered Ltd mini-LP] Out Of Print

After several requests, here’ more from the Japanese High Quality SHM-CD remasters of NIGHT RANGER ’80s albums (all out of print). Here we go with the awesome, criminally underrated “Man In Motion“.
1988’s “Man In Motion” was definitely the album that marked the end of Night Ranger’s bombastic ’80s style. Many people, despite fans of this gente/ style, never properly heard “Man In Motion” or never heard it at all.
You NEED this album in your collection. After a couple of listens it will become an all time favorite of yours. This Japanese remaster on SHM-CD respects the punchy sound of the original vinyl (at least compared to mine) but of course richer on dynamics…

NIGHT RANGER – Somewhere In California [Japan Edition + iTunes + Amazon exclusive bonus]

The release of “Somewhere In California” marked NIGHT RANGER‘s 30th Anniversary and it was some kind of a the culmination of the group’s work all over these years. It packs everything the fans could ask for; melodic cuts and hard rocking numbers, pretty much returning to their classic ’80s sound yet with an updated production.This Japanese Edition includes a bonus...

NIGHT RANGER – High Road [Japan SHM-CD + Best Buy Bonus]

This one has been requested: The Japanese Deluxe Edition of NIGHT RANGER‘s album “High Road” pressed on SHM-CD, plus the Best Buy version exclusive bonus track, and the regular edition bonus track.Produced by the band itself, “High Road”, is definitely one of the best Melodic Rock albums of this decade, and for many, one of the best in Night Ranger’s...

NIGHT RANGER – Don’t Let Up [Japanese Edition] (2017)

NIGHT RANGER – Don’t Let Up [Japanese Edition] (2017)

Frontiers Music Srl will release “Don’t Let Up“, the new studio album from NIGHT RANGER, on March 24. In Japan, the disc appeared just few days ago, featuring a bonus track.The disc will be available in both a standard and a deluxe edition including a bonus DVD. Age is just a number they say. You’re never too old to rock...

NIGHT RANGER – 35 Years And A Night In Chicago (2016)

NIGHT RANGER – 35 Years And A Night In Chicago (2016)

NIGHT RANGER, one of the greatest Melodic Hard Rock bands of all time have sold more 17 million albums worldwide and boast several platinum &d gold albums to their name. In celebration of their 35 plus year career and in anticipation of their brand new studio album (expected for spring of 2017) they are presenting this new live album “35...

KELLY KEAGY – Time Passes [2016 reissue +1]

KELLY KEAGY – Time Passes [2016 reissue +1]

Frontiers Music are reissuing some of their very early releases now deleted, and one of these is the terrific solo debut by Night Ranger’s vocalist / drummer KELLY KEAGY. The album, “Time Passes”, is now presented including the original Japanese bonus track. For many, “Time Passes” was some kind of a celebration, kinda the return of the very early ’80s...