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KAYAK – Out Of This World (2021)

Over the course of a career that so far spans 48 years, KAYAK have established themselves as one of Holland’s most successful rock bands, with a loyal, international fan-base. Their mix of progressive with melody and AOR touches are pretty unique here and now 2021.
And now there’s ‘Out Of This World’, the band’s eighteenth studio album, with 15 new tracks, spanning 70 minutes of energetic and incredibly diverse material: luxury midtempo, moving ballads, adventurous epics, solid rock and sophisticated melodies – it’s all there, and more. Just what Kayak is all about.
We love this band, “Out Of This World” is just another great recording in Kayak’s history. If you are like me and have a broad musical palette that embraces progressive-rock but also a melodic and almost AOR side, one that embraces big melodic and anthemic gestures, you’ll like this.
If you delight in musical talent but also the song itself, particularly those with compositional cleverness built in, you’ll like this.

KAYAK – Seventeen (2018)

Legendary Dutch progressive outfit KAYAK has signed a worldwide deal with prestigious Prog Rock specialized label InsideOutMusic!, releasing today the band’s seventeenth studio album entitled… “Seventeen“.If the CD title doesn’t show some imagination, don’t worry, the music inside is plenty of creative ideas and melodies. Kayak was founded by keyboardist / composer Ton Scherpenzeel, who is the sole remaining original...

KAYAK – Anywhere But Here (2011)

* One group that never quite gained the wider fame it should have was Dutch KAYAK.Formed around the talents of keyboardist Ton Scherpenzeel and drummer Pip Koopman, Kayak played a mixture of melodic rock, pop&rock and progressive music since their 1972 debut.While many prog related bands enjoyed massive success in the ’70s, Kayak never quite got it together enough to...