KATMANDU (Dave King of Fastway) – Katmand├╝ [Japan Edition] Out Of Print

With the second Fastway album recently posted here in remastered form, one of you asked whatever happened with awesome singer Dave King after leaving the band. Well, Dave has been the vocalist for the punky / Irish Celtic sounding band Flogging Molly for more than 20 years and released their sixth studio album in 2017. But related to the musical style we love from him, after Fastway he formed KATMANDU at the end of the Eighties alongside guitarist Mandy Meyer (ex Krokus and later Asia & Gotthard).
Signed by major label Epic the short-lived band released their only album “Katmand├╝”, a great slice of bluesy, soulful rocking tunes. This Japanese edition is far superior in terms of sound quality, a very hard to find CD pressing.