JUDAS PRIEST – Reflections ; 50 Heavy Metal Years Of Music (2021) HQ

British Heavy Metal legends JUDAS PRIEST mark an incredible 50 year career with ”Reflections – 50 Heavy Metal Years Of Music”, to be released this weekend. This is a new collection of 16 tracks including remastered studio recordings and 7 previously unreleased live cuts from the band’s archive.
The unheard tracks are a must for Judas Priest fans and metal aficionados in general, each song taken from different shows ranging from tapes captured in 1978, the Screaming For Vengeance World Tour (1982) to the Turbo era (1986), 1988, 1991, etc…

JUDAS PRIEST – Sad Wings Of Destiny [Japanese Platinum SHM-CD remastered] Out Of Print

As requested, here’s the remastered Japanese Platinum SHM-CD limited release of JUDAS PRIEST‘s “Sad Wings Of Destiny“. The sound quality is simply awesome, one of the best we ever heard in this format. The platinum coat make wonders, and takes the album to other sonic level.
With this album, Priest began to create the heavier rhythms and strong twin melodies which helped to pave the way for the still malleable metal genre.
Independent label Gull Records provided a mere £2,000 for Judas Priest to lay down what would become one of metal’s most revered and influential albums and, arguably, the first true bona fide traditional heavy metal album.
For us, ”Sad Wings of Destiny” is a classic, and never sounded better than on this Platinum SHM-CD…

JUDAS PRIEST – Ram It Down +2 [Sony Japan Metal Gods series remastered reissue]

A couple months ago we featured here JUDAS PRIEST most relevant albums in its Japanese pressings / remastered edition. And many of you asked for their other ’80s underrated LP, “Ram It Down“, including 2 bonus tracks.
When Judas Priest released their 11th album, ”Ram It Down”, on May 17, 1988, few people outside of the band’s inner circle had an inkling that the storied British metal institution was standing at a crossroads. The band’s previous record, 1986’s Turbo, was as successful as it was divisive, simultaneously broadening Priest’s audience and alienating fans of the band’s older, heavier style with its wholesale adoption of synth guitars and other pop-metal trappings.
Produced by expert Tom Allom, ”Ram It Down” reflected Judas Priest’s tougher and more aggressive side, still with a second half of the ’80s sound…

JUDAS PRIEST – Painkiller +2 [Japan Blu-spec CD2 remastered reissue]

A couple months ago we featured here JUDAS PRIEST most relevant albums in its Japanese pressings / remastered edition. And many of you asked for “Painkiller” too, fully remastered and pressed on Blu-spec CD2 that employs the Phase Transition Mastering, the technology developed for mastering of Blu-ray discs.
In an effort to recapture metallic edge they once held so dear, Judas Priest ratcheted up the tempos, ramped up their aggression and wrote a batch of songs that approached the ferocity of speed metal. Straight out of the gate, Priest fired on all cylinders with a barrage of hammering double-bass drumming, blowtorch guitars and banshee vocal shrieks…

JUDAS PRIEST – Point Of Entry [Japanese Remastered Edition +2]

As requested, here’s the underrated JUDAS PRIEST strong piece of metal ”Point Of Entry”, in its remastered Japanese edition including 2 bonus tracks.
”Point Of Entry” will always be one of those “other” Judas Priest albums. It will always just be “the album that came after British Steel” or “the one that came before Screaming for Vengeance“.
It did fine (500,000 US sales the first year) and spawned a killer single called “Heading Out to the Highway”, but it didn’t make history like the other two records. And it’s a shame.
However, over the years, ”Point Of Entry” has garnered accolades as a very good album, and some fans pick this one as their favorite Judas Priest album. No better than this Japanese edition to re-discover this LP.

JUDAS PRIEST – British Steel [Japan Special 30th Anniversary Remastered Edition + bonus] Out of Print

Iconic. This is the perfect word for ”British Steel”, the sixth studio album of JUDAS PRIEST, the LP which kick-started heavy metal’s glory days of the 1980s and opened doors for the NWoBHM explosion.
As requested, here’s the ‘Special 30th Anniversary Remastered‘ Japanese edition, including bonus tracks.
This is a really good remaster enhancing the early ’80s production values courtesy of master Tom Allom, plus worthwhile extras and refreshed artwork.
Classic Album, Classic Songs. Classic Priest.

JUDAS PRIEST – Turbo 30 [Remastered Japanese 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition]

As requested here’s JUDAS PRIEST 1986 album ”Turbo”, in its Japanese boxed-digipak 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition, fully remastered and featuring a previously unreleased 1986 live recording at the Kemper Arena in Kansas City into 2 extra discs.
Back when appeared, “Turbo” divided waters. For those who weren’t there in 1986, listening the album now – with this pristine remastering job – it’s easily seen as a product of its time: lots of guitar synths, keyboards, triggered drums… and some darn catchy tunes.
Yeah, this is a different Judas Priest, not heavy metal, just middle-Eighties commercial stuff.
And I like it.

JUDAS PRIEST – Defenders Of The Faith [30th Anniversary Remastered 3xCD Japan Edition] Out of print

Sandwiched between the bona fide metal classic Screaming For Vengeance and perhaps JUDAS PRIEST’s most controversial album, the synth-guitar laden Turbo, “Defenders Of The Faith” often seems to be an overlooked gem in the band’s catalog.
Celebrating its 30th Anniversary, Judas Priest released this three-disc digipak including a newly remastered version of the album, which also includes a 21-song live set from Long Beach Arena in 1984 taped during the album tour, into 2 discs.
Though British Steel and Screaming for Vengeance usually get the praise, “Defenders Of The Faith” is their equal, and there’s no better way than this Japanese Edition 3-CD Anniversary Remaster to rediscover it.

JUDAS PRIEST – Screaming For Vengeance [Japan Special 30th Anniversary Remastered Edition + bonus]

As requested, here’s JUDAS PRIEST 1982 classic album “Screaming For Vengeance” in its ‘Special 30th Anniversary Remastered EditionJapanese edition, remastered including bonus tracks.
The band’s eighth album has been their biggest commercial success and was their first record to go double-platinum. It included the hit singles “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin” and “Electric Eye”.
“Prisoner Of Your Eyes” is a studio track from the ‘Turbo’ recording sessions, while the others are previously unreleased live takes recorded at a 1982 San Antonio, Texas concert, with Judas at the peek of their popularity.
Really good remaster enhancing the ’80s production values courtesy of master Tom Allom, plus worthwhile extras and refreshed artwork.
Classic Album, Classic Songs. Classic Priest. Play it with vengeance turned to 11.

GLENN TIPTON – Baptizm Of Fire (Japan Edition Expanded & Remastered)

As an original member of heavy metal forefathers Judas Priest, guitarist GLENN TIPTON has engaged audiences for nearly four decades with his aggressive yet melodic guitar playing.
The reason there was such a gap between Priest’s Painkiller (1990) and Jugulator (1997), other than the fact that they had to find someone worthy of replacing singer Rob Halford, was perhaps because main songwriter Glenn Tipton wrote and recorded 2 albums worth of material under his own name; Edge Of The World and this “Baptizm Of Fire“.
Displaying a wide range of styles ranging from bluesy hard rock, classical, classic rock and traditional British metal, all coalesce in this rockin’ album, and Tipton (who also sings) gets to work in song formats not common to Judas Prie

ROB HALFORD with Family & Friends – Celestial (2019)

Legendary Judas Priest frontman ROB HALFORD has teamed up with some family members and musician friends to deliver a new solo album titled “Celestial”, which will be released on October 18, 2019. “Celestial” is a Christmas themed album featuring holiday classics and new songs from Halford, obviously done with Rob’s classic metal / hard rock punch, but also showcasing his...

JUDAS PRIEST – Sad Wings Of Destiny [Limited Edition 180g LP] (2018)

Here’s one I was waiting for to replace my old, dead-wasted original vinyl, the Limited Edition (500 copies) 180g LP release of JUDAS PRIEST‘s “Sad Wings Of Destiny“.This album is a pillar in metal / hard rock history, and always suffered from horrible, failed reissues. It’s simple; “Sad Wings Of Destiny” born analog, and it doesn’t suit digital treatment. “Sad...

JUDAS PRIEST – Firepower (2018)

Unless you’ve been living in a cave your entire life, JUDAS PRIEST are one of those bands that warrant the “This band requires no introduction…” The most representative, iconic band of true heavy metal is still alive & kickin’, and their new album “Firepower” to be released next Friday is a biting proof of that. “Firepower” is Priest‘s 18th full-length,...

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases January 2017 – Vol.2

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases January 2017 – Vol.2

Already a 0dayrox classic, here’s the more relevant Advanced Release singles not only from the upcoming upcoming month, but also the upcoming year!Among the Frontiers Music greatly expected released there’s the new Pride Of Lions, AOR masters Lionville, Jack Russell’s Great White, Stephen Pearcy, The Murder Of My Sweet and the return of fantastic project Place Vendome. Also the new...

JUDAS PRIEST – Redeemer Of Souls [Deluxe Edition bonus disc] (2014)

* Having already received great reviews and fans approval, the just released new JUDAS PRIEST album “Redeemer Of Souls” is presented as well in its Deluxe Edition, featuring a 5-track bonus disc. Glen Tipton said these songs were deliberately isolated from the rest of the album due to tone, so they really deserve to be treated as optional extras rather...