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JOURNEY – Escape +7 {Remastered Japanese Blu-Spec CD2 Limited Release} (2017) out of print

As part of the Sony Music Japan 2017 reissue campaign on some JOURNEY classic albums, here’s this superb Blu-Spec CD2 / DSD remastering Limited Pressing of the band’s classic “Escape“, their greatest selling album ever including no less than 7 bonus tracks, 3 of them never featured before into any remastered  reissue.
“Escape” was THE groundbreaking album for Journey, charting three singles inside Billboard’s Top 10, with “Don’t Stop Believing” reaching number nine, “Who’s Crying Now” number four, and “Open Arms” peaking at number two and holding there for six weeks.
“Escape” flung Journey steadfastly into the AOR arena, combining Neal Schon’s grand yet palatable guitar playing with Jonathan Cain’s delicious keyboards. All this was topped off by the passionate, wide-ranged vocals of Steve Perry, who is the true lifeblood of this album, and this band…

JOURNEY – Departure +2 [Blu-Spec CD2] [mini-LP Limited Release] out of print

After the recent JOURNEY posts here one of you asked as well for “Departure“, in its Japanese Deluxe Paper Sleeve Mini Vinyl LP Replica package and pressed on a high quality Blu-Spec CD2 disc. It uses the last DSD remastering and on this CD format it truly sounds fabulous.
The first Journey album in the ’80s, “Departure” arrived at a crucial moment during the band’s transition from jam-friendly progressive rock to an arena-ready mainstream AOR sound, and found the band continuing to streamline its songwriting in an increasingly successful quest to invade Top 40 radio.
True to its title, the album served notice that the group was closing a chapter in its history by embracing a new direction…

JOURNEY – Evolution [Blu-Spec CD2] [DSD remastering Limited Pressing]

Some of you asked for JOURNEY classic albums here in its Japanese DSD Remastering edition and pressed on Blu-Spec CD2 (similar to SHM-CD). “Evolution“, Journey’s most successful album at that time, selling three million copies in the US and charting at #20 on the Billboard 200.
For this recording they retained Roy Thomas Baker (best known for his work with Queen) as producer, but drummer Aynsley Dunbar was replaced with Steve Smith, formerly of Ronnie Montrose’s band.
After years of slugging it out in the trenches, Journey finally achieved a modicum of mainstream success with their fourth LP Infinity — and they were only getting warmed up.
The band’s determination to break into the Top 40 came with a price, and was reflected in a series of lineup changes that included the addition of new singer Steve Perry (who made his debut with ‘Infinity’) and continued with the departure of drummer Aynsley Dunbar, who quit before Journey entered the studio to record their fifth studio album, “Evolution”.

JOURNEY – Captured [Blu-Spec CD2] [DSD remastering Limited Pressing] Out Of Print

Some of you asked for JOURNEY classic albums here in its Japanese DSD Remastering edition and pressed on Blu-Spec CD2 (similar to SHM-CD). “Captured” is Journey’s awesome first live album recorded during their ‘Departure tour’.
“Captured” was a turning point for Journey. After this, they went from mega to uber-mega. It was their first live album, and their last with founding keyboardist and singer Gregg Rolie (who actually sang lead in Journey on their first three albums, before they discovered Steve Perry). When Rolie left and Journey hired on Jonathan Cain, they went in an even more radio-friendly direction.
The live album captured (pun intended) the end of the Rolie era with basically every hit they had. They were more of a rock and roll band back then, and this album shows it.

HEAVY METAL – Music From The Motion Picture [Vinyl LP reissue] (2017)

After many requests, here’s in exclusive the legendary “HEAVY METAL : Music From The Motion Picture“, in its 2-LP recent release. This is part of the Rhino Records ‘Rocktober’ series, an annual campaign featuring limited edition vinyl releases of classic albums, issued in October, 2017.
The 2-LP release is only available in the U.S. and Canada, already sold out now and very expensive.
‘Heavy Metal’ is a 1981 Canadian-American adult animated sci-fi-fantasy film based in the Heavy Metal Magazine, which was the basis for the film. Like the magazine, the film features a great deal of graphic violence, sexuality, and nudity, censored at various countries.
The movie soundtrack features songs inspired by the story, but most the artists involved aren’t musically ‘heavy metal’ at all. The term is used here into other context.
Musically, “HEAVY METAL : Music From The Motion Picture” offers more than the title suggests, and the songs fit perfectly with their respective film segments. Most songs from the likes of Journey, Cheap Trick, Blue Oyester Club, etc, are exclusive to this soundtrack, some never appeared into any other release, some are different from the originals, noted as ‘Soundtrack Version’.

JOURNEY – Arrival [Music On CD reissue 2020] *EXCLUSIVE*

Excellent Dutch reissue label Music On CD has just made available again on CD JOURNEY‘s “Arrival“, very hard to find in a brand new copy until now.
Journey were the epitome of commercial Eighties melodic rock & AOR, and hey, still are. Despite a couple significant lineup changes — singer Steve Augeri and drummer Deen Castronovo have replaced Steve Perry and Steve Smith — the band’s eighteenth album plays out much like its predecessors.
”Arrival” is elegant and smoothly produced with a hint of hard-rock heft and catchy hooks a-plenty. One extremely pleasing quality here is how the band give a little bit of something to multiple generations of fans.
The sound of this 2020 reissue is top notch.
Only at 0dayrox

NEAL SCHON – Universe (2020)

Produced & co-written by famed Narada Michael Walden, “Universe” is the new solo album from JOURNEY’s guitarist NEAL SCHON. A mixture of melodic hard rock, blues, R&B, rock-fusion and even some classical, “Universe” delivers some killer soaring melodic and soulful playing guiding you through a journey of your senses and emotions in only the way his mastery of the instrument can, where each listen feels different and fresh every time.
“Universe” is a great way to experience the energy, beauty, and the musical healing nature of one of the most important artists of our generation.

STEVE PERRY – Traces: Alternate Versions & Sketches (Advance + extras)

STEVE PERRY will release ”Traces (Alternate Versions & Sketches)‘, an acoustic / remix version of his 2018’s album ‘Traces’. We have the advance of the disc which features updates of seven songs found on the original.
‘Alternative Versions & Sketches’ opens with a radio mix of “Most of All”, which video to promote this new release is featured below.
Perry said that he’s “really proud” of the revamped versions. “The acoustic Traces is going to close the Traces chapter,” he added. “Then I’m opening up another chapter next year at some point.”

JOURNEY – In The City Of Brotherly Love ’86 (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

One of the last concerts of JOURNEY featuring Steve Perry has been released under the title “In The City Of Brotherly Love“. Captured during the ‘Raised On Radio Tour’, Journey were partway through a U.S. tour when they performed on Feb. 1, 1987 at the Sullivan Sports Arena in Anchorage.
So it may even have come to a surprise to them that it was the last show they’d ever play with singer Steve Perry. Yeah, it seems incredible, but it’s 34 years now.
When they completed their performance of “Faithfully” that night, they closed the book on their rise to fame. And even though there would be one more album with Perry (Trial By Fire), and a 10-minute guest appearance at an all-star concert in 1991, it was the last time he led them through a full performance.
Sound quality is pretty good (A+), a document from one of the most important AOR bands in history.
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STEVE PERRY – Silver Bells (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

Christmas is coming, and legendary, unique singer-songwriter and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee STEVE PERRY has released a stunning new version of the all-time holiday classic “Silver Bells”, including another legend on drums, Vinnie Colaiuta. Available on 7” vinyl, the EP also contains a newly-remixed, awesome version of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” which Perry released last...

GREGG ROLIE (ex Journey) – Sonic Ranch (2019)

Journey co-founder GREGG ROLIE s releasing today his first studio album in 18 years – “Sonic Ranch” – and the longtime Ringo Starr sideman is bringing along some familiar friends: Neal Schon, Toto’s Steve Lukather, drummer Ron Wikso (The Storm, Foreigner), Santana bandmates drummer Michael Shrieve and bassist Alphonso Johnson, and more. Rolie recorded in Arylyn Studios in Austin, and...

The V.U. (The Storm / Journey members) – Phoenix Rising (recorded 1985)

This beauty was requested by one of you and it’s a pleasure to be featured here at 0dayrox: “Phoenix Rising”., the album recorded by The V.U., a project featuring Journey and future The Storm members. Originally recorded in 1985, the album was shelved due no label interest in releasing it. How they didn’t get a record deal at the time...

THE STORM – Eye Of The Storm [Japanese Editon]

Formed by ex Journey members in 1989 while the band was on hiatus, THE STORM released 2 stupendous, Essential AOR albums. Here’s their second “Eye Of The Storm” in its Japanese Edition, featuring a different – and better – cover artwork. And the songs are as good as on the fantastic debut. Steve Smith left the band in late 1991...

THE STORM – The Storm (Journey members)

Here’s a wonderful request: formed by Journey member Ross Valory in 1989 while the band was on hiatus, THE STORM released 2 stupendous, Essential AOR albums, including legendary Gregg Rollie into the line up and the excellent Kevin Chalfant at the mic. Produced by Beau Hill, “The Storm” is their debut album, a delicious collection of American AOR songs of...