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JOSHUA – Surrender [Digitally Remastered] Out Of Print

Here we have another request and pleasure to fulfill: JOSHUA‘s “Surrender [Digitally Remastered]“. Originally released in 1985, this is the remastered reissue done by Joshua Perahia himself under his full name. I still prefer the original cover artwork, but heck, what matter is the music and this is fantastic slice of US melodic hard rock / AOR.
Regarded as one of the best Melodic Hard Rock records released by an American indie band during the ’80s, “Surrender” should have sold millions if the recording company had been properly promoted the band or a major would have pick up them.
This remaster (seems there’s some re-recorded parts too) sounds excellent, more clear vocals and punchier kick drum.
Highly Recommended

JOSHUA – Resurrection Collectors Edition (2013)

* Long time Melodic Hard Rock AOR fans should remember JOSHUA, the American combo led by guitarist Joshua Perahia and their excellent ’80s albums ‘Surrender’ and ‘Intense Defence’, or the more Hard Rock oriented debut ‘Hand is Quicker Than The Eye’.Since the golden decade Perahia has released only two albums, one solo and other under the M Pire moniker.But after...