JORDAN JORDANOV featuring GORAN EDMAN – Angel’s Touch [Japan only CD] (2021) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

Here we have another 0dayrox exclusive: JORDAN JORDANOV featuring GORAN EDMAN album “Angel’s Touch“, only released in Japan and only available on physical format.
This project by Bulgarian guitarist JORDAN JORDANOV started several years ago and since the beginning GORAN EDMAN agreed participate, singing on all tracks. There’s many musicians involved, and a lyricist from America, so expect quality material.
The overall sound & style here is acoustic guitar driven rock with pianos and synths, plus electric guitar. While the mood is in a midtempo pace, there’s moments for uptempo electricity.
However our favorite moments are when there’s an acoustic environment – with elaborated layers of sounds – giving room for Edman’s vocals to shine. We rarely have the chance to hear this talented singer perform this type of songs, and you’ll love it. A man with an outstanding, melodic and pristine set of pipes…