JOHNNY O’NEIL – Truth Or Dare (2021)

Truth Or Dare” is the debut album from guitarist, singer, and songwriter JOHNNY O’NEIL co-founder and main-stay of  Minnesota cult 80s hard rock band Dare Force. Featuring original UFO keyboardist Danny Peyronnel, O’Neil dives deep into a classic hard rock sound on these muscular songs.
It’s groovy, guitar-driven rock with a powerful foundation with fist-raising choruses, and an old-school sound which belongs to the arenas.
Volume is an absolute must for opener “Snake In The Grass”, a pure physical sound felt as much as heard. The riffs stun and are delivered with an intense urgency. Evolution of the rhythm and of the groove happens with a certain stately grandeur, even as the gnarled twisted sounds manage to create a commanding, almost booming, presence. Best of all are those vocals, done with pure perfection, they unfurl with a tremendous might behind them, leading the way.