ATTITUDE (Johnny Lima) – The Shitty Demo [first generation tapes / awesome sound] *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

Today we present here a little gem from 0dayrox members collection: the first official recording by American vocalist Johnny Lima with his band ATTITUDE. It’s funny: these unreleased recordings circulated among fans under the title “The Shitty Demo“, but sonically it’s far from that. The 11 songs here are multi-track soundboard professionally recorded songs even including special effects like major label productions / releases.
But this isn’t the copy floating among traders / fans, but a much better, awesomely sounding first generation tape, one of the few ever made.
Musically, it’s hard to believe why ATTITUDE never got signed by a record label. Recorded in 1989, it wasn’t too late for this genre – this is prime melodic glam / hair metal – and properly promoted ATTITUDE could’ve sold millions.
Think the first two DANGER DANGER albums – yes, it’s that good – a lost little gem and collect’s item only at 0dayrox

JOHNNY LIMA – Unplug ‘N Play +1

As requested, here’s San Francisco Bay Area singer / songwriter JOHNNY LIMA  very good album entitled “Unplug ‘N Play”. Yes, it’s an acoustically driven record but including drums, bass, lots of guitars and of course, Lima’s trademark vocal harmonies.
If you thought Johnny was always a Bon Jovi clone (at least vocally) just wait to hear “Unplug ‘N Play”… but you know? Who cares, because BJ is not producing this kind of ’80s stuff anymore, and Lima does, and really, really well done.
The album kicks off with “So Excited”. The combination of the beautiful intro and…

JOHNNY LIMA – Johnny Lima + Made In California [remastered +4] (2017)

Long time out of print JOHNNY LIMA albums – his self-titled debut from 1996 and 2003′s ‘Made In California’ – have been made available again in a 2-CD remastered package, including 4 previously unreleased tracks from the same recording sessions. “Johnny Lima + Made In California [remastered +4]” are two really good albums essential into your classy Melodic Rock collection....