JOHN FARNHAM – One Voice ; Greatest Hits [Australia Gold 2-CD]

John Peter Farnham has remained one of Australia’s best-known performers over a career spanning 40 years. As requested, here’s ”One Voice: The Greatest Hits”, a 2-disc compilation album released in Australia to celebrate 35 years of John Farnham’s career. The album was certified 5x platinum in 2020.
This is an updated version of his 1997 hits package ‘Anthology’ with some newer tracks and notable pre-1986 singles added.
”One Voice: The Greatest Hits” contains for the first time on one album all of JOHN FARNHAM biggest and most loved hits from “Sadie (The Cleaning Lady) right through to “The Last Time”. Songs like “You’re the Voice”, “Pressure Down”, “That’s Freedom”, “Burn for You” have become part of the Australian musical landscape. Not to mention earlier recordings like “One” and “Don’t You Know It’s Magic”, all of which are featured here, as well a version of ”We Will Rock You” performed with Queen…

JOHN FARNHAM – The Acoustic Chapel Sessions [CD version]

Featured here on the blog when released some years ago, it was requested again several times and worth a refresh: “The Acoustic Chapel Sessions” by Australian AOR legend JOHN FARNHAM. Recorded in Melbourne at Chapel Off Chapel, the CD consists of 11 Farnham’s classic songs from 1984 to 1996, redone in acoustic mode but with some little electrics as well.
On “The Acoustic Chapel Sessions”, John Farnham sounds amazing. The simple, stripped back format allows his voice to shine and blaze through these great, terrific classic songs. Amazing voice still to this day. Farnham is helped by a bunch of talented musicians, including terrific guitar player Brett Garsed (Nelson, John Farnham ’80s albums, etc.).
This is more than a worthy addition to any John Farnham fans’ collections, and for those that enjoy high quality music…

JOHN FARNHAM – Break The Ice [1987 unreleased album +2] *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

As requested here we have a rarity; “Break The Ice“, the JOHN FARNHAM album that never was… After Farnham success with his solo LP Whispering Jack his record company wanted to capitalize the moment and release this LP with songs he recorded back in 1984.
“Break The Ice” was meant to have the catalogue number INT 147.730 on Curb Records, however, for unknown reasons, this album was never manufactured or released. This is a German LP Test-pressing for this album.
These songs were subsequently used on a number of movie soundtracks like ‘Voyage Of The Rock Aliens (1984)’, ‘The Slugger’s Wife (1985)’, Fletch (1985) and RAD (1986), all cult pieces from the ’80s, and as the LP “Break The Ice” never materialized, were effectively “lost” in time.
Song quality is excellent, and the material, a must have for ’80s AOR / movie soundtrack fanatics. As 0dayrox extras, we added a couple of rare tracks / versions from the RAD movie performed by Farnham.
Only at 0dayrox

JOHN FARNHAM – Whispering Jack +1 [Australian Gold Series remastered 2017]

As requested here we have JOHN FARNHAM‘s most famous album ”Whispering Jack” in its 2017 Australian remastered CD reissue.
Including the #1 hit single “You’re the Voice” which still remains a staple of classic radio, the album is a gem of mainstream AC / AOR from the ’80s, with an incredible pristine slick production sound. On a couple of tracks, Farnham moves into more of a straight melodic rock territory in “Love to Shine,” and “Let Me Out”, showcasing the electric guitar skills of future NELSON guitarist Brett Garsed…

JOHN FARNHAM – The Acoustic Chapel Sessions (2011)

* Australian AOR legend John Farnham is releasing a new CD; “The Acoustic Chapel Sessions”, recorded in Melbourne in July 2011 at Chapel Off Chapel. The CD consists of 11 John’s classic songs from 1984 to 1996, redone in acoustic mode but with some little electrics as well. “The Acoustic Chapel Sessions” has been released in celebration of the 25th...