JK NORTHRUP (King Kobra) – JK Northrup [recorded 1988-90] (Out Of Print)

JK NORTHRUP is a recognized musician and producer having recorded with the likes of Paul Shortino and Terry Ilous, perhaps better known for his work with King Kobra in the past. You might remember that he recorded the album “III” with them back in 1988. But at the same time Jeff “JK” Northrup started to tape his own songs for a project including KK vocalist Johnny Edwards (ex- Montrose and future Foreigner).
All these material never was released until this new century when Melodic Mayhem Music put out this CD simply titled “JK Northrup“, now out of print.
And glad they did it: we have here a great slice of 80s Melodic Hard Rock of the highest order: Just listen to “The Kid Is Back In Town” or the killer “Survival in the Streets”.
HIGHLY Recommended