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JESSE HARTE of SouthGang : Byte The Bullet + Demos + Live (2021) *EXCLUSIVE*

This new release entitled “Byte The Bullet + ’93-94 + 2000 Demos + Live” features many projects through the career of JESSE HARTE, the front man of Los Angeles-based hard rockers SouthGang whom early 90s album ‘Tainted Angel’ album is regarded as one of the best from the era.
The CD most notably feature is the highly sought after Pre-Southgang band called Byte The Bullet. Byte The Bullet has long been on many music collectors wish list for decades. It finally sees an official release with everything they recorded plus Harte’s unreleased solo stuff and a couple of Southgang hot live tracks.
Warrant’s Jani Lane co-wrote & performs vocals on some songs,, ranging from 80s melodic hard rock to sharper hard rockers and radio-friendly tunes. Sound quality is good, obviously from different sessions / production styles.
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SOUTHGANG : Tainted Angel [Japan Edition] Out of print

Perhaps SOUTHGANG arrived too late into the US melodic hard rock scene, but for sure they were among the best ‘new’ bands from the genre in the early Nineties. These guys literally had all the talent in the world, but they were simply overshadowed by the looming alt/rock explosion and silly label executives.
SOUTHGANG’s debut CD “Tainted Angel” is one of the better and unknown releases from the genre around that time, and certainly deserve a place in your collection.
With Desmond Child involved into production advice and songwriting / arrangements, you can’t go wrong with SOUTHGANG’s “Tainted Angel”.