BROTHERS IN ARMS – Sunset And Clark (2021)

Guitarist / songwriter JACK FROST (Savatage, Jean Beauvoir, Aldo Nova) already pleased us some time ago with his album ‘Out In The Cold’ featuring a wide list of star vocalists / musicians from the ’80s / early 90s melodic hard rock scene.
BROTHERS IN ARMS is Frost’s new project, releasing today the album ”Sunset And Clark”, a wonderful 10-track collection of killer melodic hard rockin’ tunes plenty of super singers / musicians involved.
As example, the song ‘Last To Know’ features Jack on guitar along with vocalist Andrew Freeman (Last In Line, Lynch Mob, Hurricane), drummer Karl Wilcox (Diamond Head), bassist Alex Jansen (Hardline) and keyboardist Charlie Calv (Angel). Then the fun ‘Bitch Is Crazy’ has in vocals Keith St John (Montrose, Kingdome Come, Burning Rain), drummer Karl Wilcox (Diamond Head), and bassist Alex Jansen (Hardline).
And the stellar cast continues including Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt, Quiet Riot), Steve Overland (FM, Overland), Nick Walsh (Moxy, Slik Toxik), Jesse Damon (Silent Rage), Todd Poole (Roxy Blue), Dave Amato (REO Speedwagon), Mick Mahan (Pat Benatar)…

SILENT RAGE – Shattered Hearts [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded] (2021) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

SILENT RAGE‘s debut album “Shattered Hearts”, another essential record in your ’80s Melodic Hard Rock / AOR collection, just has been remastered by Rock Candy Records and featured here at 0dayrox in exclusive.
Based in Los Angeles, Silent Rage formed way back in 1985 and soon resulted picked up by Melodic Rock craftsman Paul Sabu whom would go on to provide some songwriting, as well as production, mix & engineering for this much overlooked debut album “Shattered Hearts”.
Sabu helped to shape Silent Rage’s sound in the American Melodic Hard Rock / AOR style of the second half of the ’80s, much in the vein of his own band from the era; Only Child.
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SILENT RAGE – Still Alive (third studio album Z Records)

With its title referring the band still was alive despite their 12-year recording hiatus, “Still Alive” is the third studio album of SILENT RAGE, co-produced between Pat Regan (Blck ‘N Blue, Deep Purple), Kevin Beamish (REO Speedwagon) and the band. Some songs are unreleased material from sessions with legendary producer Bob Ezrin, taped in the Nineties.
Musically retaining the melodic hard rock feeling and harmony vocals the band was known for in the ’80s yet with an updated sound (the new songs were recorded 2001), “Still Alive” rocks greatly with an arena-ready punch style for the 21st Century…

SILENT RAGE – Four Letter Word [Frontiers Records release]

Playing with words in dirty mode, “Four Letter Word” is the fourth album by SILENT RAGE, some kind of a reunion record materialized by Frontiers Records.
Released in the late 2000’s, this is an album blasting out good Old School hard rock, with Jesse Damon and the guys opting for a rawer, traditional sound of the genre: timeless guitar driven hard rock. Think Kiss, ’90s Night Ranger, Diamond Legs, etc.
There’s an energetic opener on ”You Could Be The One” which flows with great riffs. Title track is much more, featuring that classic Silent Rage multi-part harmonies. The chorus sounds like something Alice Cooper could have come up with during his ‘Trash’ and ‘Hey Stoopid’ period.
“Man Or Machine” is…

SILENT RAGE – Don’t Touch Me There [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] (2021) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

“Don’t Touch Me There” is the fabulous second album from SILENT RAGE originally appeared in 1989 via Simmons Records / RCA, and for years hard to find. Now it has been properly remastered by Rock Candy obtaining a fabulous sound quality.
Co-produced by Gene Simmons & Paul Sabu, the record did well in the charts and in MTV with the hit video ‘Rebel With A Cause’. This is a killer record with a glossy production typically ’89: huge vocals, sharp melodic guitars & pounding drums, mixing melodic hard rockers, a couple of AORish midtempo tunes and a power ballad.
You have it all here, and this remaster Rocks.
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JESSE DAMON – Southern Highway (2016)

Former Silent Rage frontman JESSE DAMON is presenting today his brand new solo album, “Southern Highway“, produced by melodic rock legend Paul Sabu. This is Jesse’s sixth solo effort and features 10 brand new studio tracks. According to Jesse: “Southern Highway is a melodic driven southern rockin’ hell of a good time!” Known for his songwriting plenty of infectious hooks...

JESSE DAMON (Silent Rage) – Temptation In The Garden Of Eve (2013)

* JESSE DAMON rocked us fronting Silent Rage but since the last decade he has started as well a solo career. His new album “Temptation In The Garden Of Eve” should be the most solid of all not only in the songwriting department, but also in style.Having no-other than legend Paul Sabu co-writing, playing, and most significantly; producing, you only...