JAMIE ALLEN – All The Things That Matter [CD version +1] (2021)

American rocker JAMIE ALLEN has been fronting one of the best POISON tribute bands for almost twenty years: the man has the looks and a voice of a Brett Michaels clone. But Jamie is also a talented songwriter and already pleased us with his very good debut album ‘The Storyteller’, produced by JOHNNY LIMA.
Now JAMIE ALLEN is back with his first album in ten years, second full length titled ‘All The Things That Matter‘, with Johnny Monaco (Enuff Z’Nuff, L.A. Guns) on guitar, and also playing the solos.
Allen’s voice has matured in these ten years, now more identifiable, strong and precise. We have here songs in the classic American Rock style of all times in acoustic mode, with a sound reminiscent of unplugged POISON, WARRANT or ’90s BON JOVI.
Among the track-list we find the song wrote for JANI LANE as tribute after his death, another of Jamie’s idols and one he was close to work with after they met mid-2000’s…

JAMIE ALLEN – The Storyteller (CD version)

Jamie Allen is a new interesting independent artist from the States that is influenced by the ’80s hair band scene, more specifically Poison / Bret Michaels. Allen simply ooze through every chord. Some might actually say it’s better than Bret Michaels’ solo stuff and latter day Poison efforts.
But his voice and style many times is pretty similar to Bon Jovi or Johnny Lima, not surprisingly Lima that has co-written songs for this, his debut album ”The Storyteller”, played on it, and produced it. So you can expect quality in this department.
When it comes to music, originality has never been much of a factor for me. My thinking has always been that if a song is great it is great, regardless of who it sounds alike. On “The Storyteller” Jamie Allen has delivered a very nice trip to timeless US Classic Rock, with some outstanding rockers on an album worth checking out if you’re into ’80s hair / melodic rock…