IRON SAVIOR – Skycrest (2020)

Two years after the latest output and a few hardships later (such as a global pandemic and bass player Jan-Soren Eckert suffering from a severe disease) Germans IRON SAVIOR will release their new album ”Skycrest” on December 4 via AFM Records.
After 10 albums under their belt, IRON SAVIOR isn’t power metal anymore.
Sure, there’s a few rapid metallic tunes here – yet commercial ‘happy metal’ and catchy – but the half of ”Skycrest” is hard rock / melodic hard rock oriented: ”Souleater” is a groovy hard rocker with an early 90s feel, ‘Raise The Flag’ brings to mind GOTTHARD or ECLIPSE, the extremely melodious ‘End Of The Rainbow’ sounds like 1985 Americanized ACCEPT, and ‘Ease Your Pain’ is a power ballad akin AXEL RUDI PELL.
So if you don’t like ‘power metal’, you better listen to ”Skycrest”, classic hard rock / melodic hard rock fans will find a lot to enjoy here, and very well done.

IRON SAVIOR – Kill Or Get Killed (2019)

Germany‚Äôs power metallers IRON SAVIOR are ready to release their new opus titled “Kill Or Get Killed” next March 8th. Led by main man songwriter / vocalist Piet Sielck, the band has become one of the most popular acts of the ‘new wave of power metal’ scene. We never featured at this blog an album from this band, because while...

IRON SAVIOR – Titancraft (2016)

IRON SAVIOR – Titancraft (2016)

“Titancraft” is an appropriated title for IRON SAVIOR‘s ninth studio album (released today May 20) as they are titans of classic German / Teutonic power metal. The band, lead by founder, guitarist and vocalist Piet Sielck, has been storming the European lands for better than 20 years. For 20 years Iron Savior have been performing their unique Power Metal vision,...