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IMPERIUM – Heaven Or Hell (2020)

To be released tomorrow via AOR Heaven Records, “Heaven Or Hell” is the third album from IMPERIUM, the solo project of Finnish drummer Mika Brushane, who has been playing drums in various bands since 1981 in all genres from jazz to metal.
The music is melodic rock / AOR and has a big dose of that classy ’80s feel to it. Mika writes all the songs & lyrics and plays the drums, bass, keyboards and does backing vocals. All the lead vocals and guitars are handled by various well known musicians from the rock/metal scene such as Robban Ernlund (Treat), Robbie LaBlanc (Blanc Faces). Markku Kuikka (Kenziner, The Ragged Saints), Stefano Lionetti (Lionville), Mikey K Nilsson (Sapphire Eyes), and Erkka Korhonen (Dark Sarah, Urban Tale).
You can’t go wrong here, this is high class stuff rich in melodies and soaring vocals.
HIGHLY Recommended

IMPERIUM The Mika Brushane Project – Beyond The Stars (2018)

AOR Heaven Records have recently inked a new deal with Finnish Melodic Hard Rock project IMPERIUM and will release their new album “Beyond The Stars” on May 25th, 2018.This is the solo venture of drummer Mika Brushane (Strike) which already delivered a great Imperium album three years ago. Now with new label and better distribution, “Beyond The Stars” is sure...

IMPERIUM – Dreamhunter (2016)

IMPERIUM – Dreamhunter (2016)

IMPERIUM is the solo project of Strike’s drummer Mika Brushane from Finland. Mika is a well-known musician that played in many bands/projects and composed songs for different genres and this legacy of mixed genres can be heard in the new IMPERIUM album entitled “Dreamhunter” released today, March 18th. First of all, read this carefully; although the cover art suggests a...