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IAN THOMAS Band – Still Here [Wounded Bird Records / first time on CD] *0dayrox exclusive*

As requested, here’s the not easy to find Wounded Bird Records release of IAN THOMAS Band album “Still Here“, for the first time on CD and with a clean, pristine sound quality.
Regarded as one of the best singer / songwriter from Canada, for this album Thomas changed moniker to ‘Ian Thomas Band’, but still retaining his classic musicality and smooth FM radio sound with Americanized Westcoast sounds and AOR breeze.
“Still Here” produced two Canadian single hits with the melodic ‘Coming Home’ and one of our favorite Thomas song ever, the atmospheric ‘I Really Love You’, not exactly a love song but his veiled love/hate relationship with the music business.
While most of the album is very FM, melodic oriented, Hugh Symes’ keyboard work and Dave Cooper’s guita playing instills energy in tracks…

IAN THOMAS – Glider [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded]

Many of you have been asking for missing Rock Candy reissues to complete collections, so we have here as requested IAN THOMASGliderremastered album for the first time.
If you’re not Canadian then you’ve either never heard of Ian Thomas, or conversely, you’ll know that he’s one of the most talented artists to ever draw breath. Inside Canada he’s become something of an institution, still touring and still writing magnificent songs, whether it is for himself or one of his other musical outlets.
The man is a staple in the world of Canadian singer-songwriters, with all the praise and goodwill bestowed on a national treasure…

IAN THOMAS – The Runner [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded]

Canadian singer & songwriter IAN THOMAS never made it big as solo artist outside his country, but this talented singer & songwriter has a loyal AOR base of supporters world wide admiring his art with fanatical devotion. One of his best albums, “The Runner“, has been released on CD for the first time with a superb remastering job by Rock Candy.
Certified Gold in Canada, “The Runner” is easily amongst Ian Thomas’ best work, definitely commercial and radio friendly mixing smooth AOR melodies with delicate Westcoast sounds.
The first two tracks,”Hold On” and “Stringin’ A Line” are rich in layered harmony vocals and clever mid paced arrangements. Ian has the uncanny ability to put a slight twist in his bridges and choruses which ultimately makes the songs stand out more…