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HYDROGYN – The Boiling Point (2020)

A favorite of us mixing the classic female fronted melodic rock of yesteryear with a modern sound, HYDROGYN burst onto the scene with their debut album Bombshell in 2006. In the beginning, the group was fronted by Julie Westlake, Hydrogyn toured the US and Europe and released four full-length studio albums. She was replaced by Erica Parrot for the 2017 release ‘Redemption’.
The year 2020 finds HYDROGYN reshuffling the deck once again: Holly Hines Freed takes over on vocals for their upcoming release ‘The Boiling Point’.
The new album reveals that the latest version of HYDROGYN will no longer confine themselves to one Rock style or another. Each of the 10 original tracks have their own sound and identity to them. There’s 3 covers, and band can mix it up and Freed shows she is versatile and compelling at the mic.

JEFF WESTLAKE (Hydrogyn) – In The Key Of Blue (2017)

JEFF WESTLAKE (Hydrogyn) – In The Key Of Blue (2017)

JEFF WESTLAKE is best known as the founder, guitarist and songwriter for Hydrogyn, a band that has been making noise on the hard rock scene for many years now and most currently with their last 2017 release (featured in this blog). Westlake forever being a musician that loves to break into new territory, has taken his guitar playing and songwriting...

HYDROGYN – Redemption (2017)

On this blog we’ve been following the recording steps of Kentucky-based female fronted hard rockers HYDROGYN, and today the six-piece are releasing their brand new full-length CD titled “Redemption“. Throughout these releases, Hydrogyn experienced some lineup changes but none more crushing than the departure of vocalist Julie in 2015, halfway through recording an album. The band had been keeping a...

HYDROGYN – Break The Chains (2014)

* Ashland, Kentucky based female fronted hard rockers HYDROGYN have released a new album yesterday entitled “Break The Chains”, a 6-track EP. This is going to be the first of a lot of frequent releases that may or may not be a full album as the band have decided that they want to keep releasing new material, so probably the...

HYDROGYN – Private Sessions (2012)

* Since 2004 when the band’s self-produced debut ‘Best Served With Volume’ hit the scene, the industry was already putting their ears to the ground, picking up on the rumble that is HYDROGYN.Described as the modern ‘new big thing’ band which would bring back the eighties melodies lost in the new millennium rock music, Hydrogyn never stopped to release albums....