HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS – Evilution (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Steph Honde is the man behind the bold project HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS based in Los Angeles which with each release brings together a constellation of big names in hard rock and metal, including Don Airey, Neil Murray, Tony Franklin, Tracy G, Craig Goldy, among many others, and where legends Tim Bogert (bass) and Vinny Appice (drums) are part f the stable line up.
Hollywood Monsters’ fourth studio album ”Evilution” has just been released in selected countries, including new songs and others from previous albums partially re-recorded and re-mixed.
Among the guests in the new material include vocalists Michael Sweet, Mats Leven, guitarists Ron Bumblefoot Thal, Ryan Roxie, Roland Grapow, keyboardist Alessandro Del Vecchio, and veteran bass player Rudy Sarzo…
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HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS – Capture The Sun (2016)

HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS – Capture The Sun (2016)

Released today October 7, “Capture The Sun” is the new album from HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS, the classic rock / hard rock combo founded by vocalist / guitarist Steph Honde (who anchored the band of original Iron Maiden vocalist Paul DiAnno) and drum icon Vinny Appice of Black Sabbath / Dio fame. We were pleased by Hollywood Monsters first album featured here...

HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS – Big Trouble (2014)

* Featuring some of the most renowned Classic Hard Rock artists in the lineup, HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS is the creation of French guitarist and composer St├ęphane ‘Steph’ Honde who, after considerable success in his native country, has made California his home since 2012.He’s been busy these last two years writing music for his new project and this first album entitled “Big...