HURRICANE ALICE – Hurricane Alice ’86 LP + Hericane Alice ’88 demos

US hard rockers Hericane Alice are back 2020 with a new album, and we featured here as well their 1990’s major label debut, but few know the band released before a self-managed album in 1986 while still operated under the name HURRICANE ALICE. The band’s style at the moment was more hard rockin’ with a bluesy background, much in the vein of Great White first album.
“Hurricane Alice” only was released on 12” vinyl and never on CD, but our team members have done a very nice, clean LP-rip. We doubt you’ll find a better sounding version of this rare disc elsewhere.
As extra, we have the band’s – re-named Hericane Alice – first generation tape 1988 demos, which lead them to being signed by Atlantic Records.
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HERICANE ALICE – Tear The House Down [Wounded Bird Records reissue] *EXCLUSIVE*

Few days ago we featured the second, comeback album from HERICANE ALICE after 30 years since their major label debut CD, 1990’s “Tear The House Down“. A couple of you requested the Wounded Bird Records release, reissued in 2008 after many years out of print.
Well, this Wounded Bird reissue is out of print as well, used copies being sold for U$S 135.
A great hard rockin’ album in the vein of Roxy Blue, Warrant, Silent Rage, etc.
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HERICANE ALICE – Gotta Be Real (2020)

Do your remember hard rockers HERICANE ALICE? They released the kick ass ‘Tear The House Down’ back in 1990… well, the guys are back with the band’s long-awaited follow-up titled ‘Gotta Be Real‘.
30 years, yes, it’s a lot of time, bet let me tell you that Hericane Alice hasn’t lost an inch of their LA Hard Rock attack, and they sound exactly as this new album was done in 1991.
Outdated? Not at all if your like that classy melodic hard style, something many young acts try to re-capture with no success. Hericane Alice 2020 kills!