HELLSMOKE – 2020 (2020)

Rooted in Sweden and Denmark, HELLSMOKE releases their debut album tiled “2020“. Hellsmoke’s gasoline-infused kick ass hard rock was created by guitarist Christofer Dahlman (ex ALYSON AVENUE, BAI BANG) and songwriter Torbjörn Mansson, which teamed up with their longtime friend and drummer Roger Landin (ex CLOUDSCAPE). At the beginning of the recordings for the album “2020”, singer Rimbert Vahlström (ex SYRON VANES) joined the band with his incomparable voice.
Their explosive mix laid the foundation for the band’s current sound: hard guitars, pounding drums and sophisticated melodies in a true Scandinavian style.
Hellsmoke has delivered in ”2020” one of the most solid – and fun – Hard Rock / Metal records of this year. A very well-produced disc with lots of balls in the vein of PRETTY MAIDS, with a little…