HELLSMOKE – 2020 (2020)

Rooted in Sweden and Denmark, HELLSMOKE releases their debut album tiled “2020“. Hellsmoke’s gasoline-infused kick ass hard rock was created by guitarist Christofer Dahlman (ex ALYSON AVENUE, BAI BANG) and songwriter Torbj√∂rn Mansson, which teamed up with their longtime friend and drummer Roger Landin (ex CLOUDSCAPE). At the beginning of the recordings for the album “2020”, singer Rimbert Vahlstr√∂m (ex SYRON VANES) joined the band with his incomparable voice.
Their explosive mix laid the foundation for the band’s current sound: hard guitars, pounding drums and sophisticated melodies in a true Scandinavian style.
Hellsmoke has delivered in ”2020” one of the most solid – and fun – Hard Rock / Metal records of this year. A very well-produced disc with lots of balls in the vein of PRETTY MAIDS, with a little…