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HEAVEN – Where Angels Fear To Tread {Rock Candy Remastered} (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Rock Candy has just ‘remastered & reloaded‘ the cult classic HEAVEN album “Where Angels Fear To Tread“, for years very hard to find and now finally available with a great sound quality.
After their debut LP ‘Bent’ (titled Twilight Of Mischief in Australia), Heaven partially established in America, and returned in 1983 with “Where Angels Fear To Tread” a catchy n’ rocking LP.
Like Canada, Australia produced a number of superlative rock bands during the Seventies and Eighties many of which managed to exert their influence on a number of continents, particularly North America and Europe, that favored their direct approach to music.
Recorded in Los Angeles the LP boasts a number of standout tracks and features backing vocals from the likes of Glen Hughes, Lita Ford, and Ronnie James Dio (under the pseudonym of Evil Eyes). Driven by the frantic pace of the title track, the album…
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HEAVEN – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door [remastered +7]

Here’s another request from one of you, HEAVEN‘s album “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door“, remastered plus bonus tracks. This Australian act should be one most underappreciated hard rock bands of all time. Their albums were always hard to find, much sought after by fans of classic ’80s sharp edged hard rock.
There was two remastered versions of “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” with different bonus tracks. The more recent (I never heard it) includes as bonus the band’s ’88 demo, but I am happily stick with this first remaster because it’s done in the old fashioned way: just a proper digital transfer enhanced avoiding brickwall / compression distortion. And I said…

HEAVEN – Bent [CD version] + Twilight Of Mischief ’81 demo

Here we have Australians┬áHEAVEN proper album titled “Bent”. This album is known by 3 different titles (and two different covers): ‘Twilight Of Mischief’, ‘Heaven’ and ‘Heaven-Bent’, and tracklist also differs. “Bent” is the ‘international’ release, with some tracks remixed as well. This is not the only remastered version available, but it sounds very good to my ears. That remastered reissue...