HEARTS & HAND GRENADES – Turning To Ashes (2021)

HEARTS & HAND GRENADES is an explosive American hard rock group from Buffalo, NY fronted by Stephanie Wlosinski on lead vocals and bass guitar. HEARTS & HAND GRENADES was originally founded as a cover band in 2012 by guitarist Mike Bress, but with Stephanie aboard they started to write their own songs inspired by the genre’s classic style, and the result is their debut album ”Turning To Ashes
So if you like it hard n’ heavy – with a modern sound – then you’ll most probably love this.
The vocals are quite something and compliment the music well and opener ‘Turning To Ashes’ should be more than enough to keep you interested. Indeed it’s the next rack ‘For The Weakened’ that turns the dial a little more – almost as if each song is a fist-aloft battle cry to the faithful just like the wonderful ‘Adrenaline’ that hits later…