HEARTBREAK RADIO – Heartbreak Radio [Claes Andreasson Remaster] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

HEARTBREAK RADIO is a Swedish AOR band formed in 2004 by songwriters / producers Claes Andreasson and Torbj√∂rn Wassenius as a Last Autumn’s Dream spin-off.
On the 2005 self-titled debut album Pierre Weinsberg (Elevener, Denander’s Radioactive, Prisoner) and Mikael Erlandsson (LAD) performed lead vocals, while the session musicians include Tommy Denander, Sayit and T’Bell on guitars, Mikkey Dee (Don Dokken, Motorhead) on drums, Jim Jidhed (Alien) doing backing vocals, and more.
Now Andreasson has remastered and reissued “Heartbreak Radio” with a cleaner, more defined sound, featured in exclusive at 0dayrox.

HEARTBREAK RADIO (Jim Jidhed/Mikael Erlandsson) – On Air [Japanese Edition +4]

HEARTBREAK RADIO is a Swedish / Scandinavian AOR project started in 2004 with the participation of Tommy Denander, Mikael Erlandsson and others, releasing an enjoyable self-titled debut the next year.
Organise the next effort took several years but finally arrived. Entitled “On Air“, this Japanese edition is really worth to have as it includes 4 bonus tracks.
Erlandsson was asked to provide vocals once again, but this time the cream on the Swedish scene performs lead vocals as well on different tracks: Jim Jidhed (Alien), Pierre Weinsberg (Elevener, Denander’s Radioactive) and two other Swedish super-vocal talents, Henrik Baath (Dark Water) and solo artist Martin Gabriel.
Fans of old school, classic ’80s AOR with a touch of L.A. Westcoast in the slower numbers rejoice: “On Air” is a delicious piece of work with excellent songwriting, smooth instrumentation, great vocal performances and superb polished production.
A mandatory listen for any fan of these genres.