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GURU – 10 Years (2021)

Praised by 0dayrox as one of the best Melodic Rock / AOR bands from the last decade hailing form Spain, GÜRU is celebrating the 10 years since the release of their first album with the properly titled “10 Years“, comprising their best songs taken from the band’s three albums.
However, this is not just a compilation: all the songs have been re-recorded, mixed & mastered 2020, and we have 4 brand new, previously unreleased tunes.
If you are new to GURU, think a mix of Mr. Big / Extreme / Toto, catchy melodic songs with elevated musicianship, perfect English vocals, and top notch production sound.
Lead by reputed David Palau (latin Grammy winner) his guitar work is simply outstanding. With a technical yet really emotional six-string style influenced by Paul Gilbert and Steve Lukather, the man drops on this CD some truly terrific melodies, precise riffs and breathtaking clean solos.
HIGHLY Recommended

GURU – Red (2016)

GURU – Red (2016)

GURU is without a doubt the best Spanish Melodic Hard Rock / AOR band nowadays, and this is confirmed on their brand new CD “Red” to be released tomorrow. The group debuted with a fantastic album in 2011, followed by their second effort ‘White’ (both featured here on the blog), and seems they have chosen to continue with colors to...

GURU – White [Digipack] (2013)

* GURU is without a doubt the best Spanish Melodic Hard Rock / AOR band nowadays. The group released a fantastic debut CD in 2011 and now is back with their second effort “White”, featuring even better songs, playing and production. Conducted by founder, mastermind and awesome guitar player David Palau – who also sings in great form on some...

GÜRU – Güru (2011)

David Palau is one of the best modern guitar players of Spain, and why not, the world. Trained in the classical school since a child, he has toured all over the globe as live musician / arranger with many major european artists, and also recorded several discs as session man. Now is the time for his own band; GÜRU. They...