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GUARDIAN – Fire And Love [RetroActive Legends Remastered +1] (2017)

Freshly remastered from the original tapes, at the very end of 2017 RetroActive Records released a remastered version of “Fire And Love“, GUARDIAN‘s second album – for many their finest moment – including an exclusive bonus track. The second release from Guardian was something of a breakthrough for the band. After being dropped from the Enigma label, they found a...

GUARDIAN – Miracle Mile [Remastered Gold Disc Edition] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

We’ve been waiting a lot this Remastered Gold Disc Edition of GUARDIAN‘s “Miracle Mile“, a killer melodic hard rock album produced by Dino and John Elefante. Regarded as Guardian’s finest moment, the record pushed them far beyond anything they had ever done before.
“Miracle Mile” showcases Guardian locked in as a cohesive unit, being fun, imaginative, creative, built over the same early 90s ‘big sound’ of bands like Mr.Big, Tesla, Extreme and Giant but still distinctly Guardian.
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JAMIE ROWE (Guardian) – This Is Home (2019)

Vocalist of ’80s hard rockers Guardian JAMIE ROWE returns to the music scene with the release of his new album “This Is Home”, showcasing Rowe’s instantly identifiable voice and strong songwriting. Jamie has taken his love of Americana / country music and combined it with the classic arena rock element that his international fan base have come to expect. The...

GUARDIAN – First Watch [RetroActive Legends Remastered +2] (2018)

GUARDIAN is been a household name in Christian hard rock and metal circles contemporaries with Stryper and Whitecross, debuting in 1989 with this properly titled “First Watch“. This Retroactive Records reissue has been freshly remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound and features 2 rare and hard to find bonus tracks – the fist recorded by the band while still...

GUARDIAN – Almost Home (2014)

GUARDIAN – Almost Home (2014)

One of the strongest influences in modern Christian metal history is that of powerhouse GUARDIAN. Albums like First Watch or Fire and Love are considered by many not only as some the greatest Christian metal records ever released, but in US Hard Rock history in general. After a long and successful career, Guardian went on hiatus in the early 2000’s,...