GRAND ILLUSION – Prince Of Paupers [Japan edition +1] Out of Print

With the recent Art Of Illusion debut – the new band of Lars Säfsund (Work Of Art) & Anders Rydholm (Grand Illusion) – many of you asked for GRAND ILLUSION‘s last, excellent album “Prince Of Paupers“, in this Japanese edition including a bonus track.
Mastermind guitarist / bassist / keyboard player Anders Rydholm dropped here some of his finest AOR / Melodic Rock songwriting, but also top musicians for the recording, including Gregg Bisonette (David Lee Roth, Joe Satriani) to handle all drums and brilliant guitar maestro Tim Pierce to record most of the guitar parts. But also the stellar presence of Steve Lukather and Jay Graydon as guests.
Grand Illusion is one of the best AOR / MR bands out there, and “Prince Of Paupers” confirms this status with a golden medal.

ART OF ILLUSION – X Marks The Spot (2021) *EXCLUSIVE*

Released via AOR Heaven Records, “X Marks The Spot” is the debut album from the new Swedish band ART OF ILLUSION formed by songwriter & producer Anders Rydholm (AORsters Grand Illusion) and exceptional singer Lars Säfsund (Work Of Art). See what they did there with the band name? Very clever.
Timeless melodies are the key in their music and a homage to the glory days of AOR / melodic rock. Catchy melodies, delicious hooklines and tons of strong harmony vocals are on ‘spot’ here. Among the guitarists providing guitar solos there’s the unique Jay Graydon.
“X Marks The Spot” is simply sublime. Yeah, we’re only in January but this is – and will be – one of the best 2021 Melodic Rock / AOR releases.
Albums of this caliber only appear from time to time… go and buy this gem.

C·O·P – State Of Rock [Japanese Edition] (2015)

Another brilliant Melodic Rock / AOR band arrives from Sweden… C·O·P. These are the initials of the band members’ names, well known cats from the Scandinavian scene: terrific vocalist Peter Sundell, brother Christian Sundell and guitarist Ola af Trampe, all involved in one way or another in the awesome band Grand Illusion“State Of Rock” is the title of their debut...

PETER SUNDELL – Now [Limited Edition] (2019)

Excellent Swedish vocalist PETER SUNDELL has graced a number of highly revered albums over the years. His work in the ’80s with Promotion, then Grand Illusion, Decoy and C.O.P. has made AOR fans all over the world drewl, in awe over his high pitched and powerful voice. While a new C.O.P. album is underway Sundell offers us his first solo...

GRAND ILLUSION – Brand New World (2010)

After a four and a half year absence, swedens GRAND ILLUSION have decided to reunite and the boys also have a new album with the title “Brand New World” in the pipeline.The band core of Anders Rydholm, Peter Sundell and Per Svensson are intact and guests on their new album are Gregg Bissonette, Tim Pierce, Mike Slamer, Danny Jacob, Roger...