GORKY PARK – Gorky Park [digitally remastered +1] *EXCLUSIVE*

Here we go with the requested GORKY PARK self-titled international debut album from 1989, in its rare, hard to find remastered reissue. This Soviet (at the time) band was some kind of a curiosity in the late ’80s American melodic hard rock with their hit “Bang” having a mix of Russian and English lyrics and put into rotation on MTV.
Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora discovered the band and expressed interest in the GORKY PARK (both co-produced and performed on one song) and got them signed to Mercury Records, Bon Jovi’s label at the time.
Renowned Bruce Fairbairn produced half of the songs, and he & Mike Fraser mixed the whole thing. So expect melodic, polished, catchy melodic hard rock with that big sound from the era.
This remaster blast your speakers with a clear powerful output.
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