TIPTON, ENTWISTLE & POWELL – Edge Of The World [Japanese Edition]

Edge Of The World” is the album recorded by Judas Priest guitarist Glenn TIPTON, The Who bassist JOHN ENTWHISTLE, and renowned drummer Cozy POWELL, recorded between 1994-95 but not released as Atlantic Records considered ‘too old fashioned’ for the mid-90s
However, after the passing of Entwistle and Powell, this recording was finally released. Glenn presented the tracks to Rhino/Warner and they agreed this album had to be heard.
Tipton stated, “this album is a tribute to these musicians unique styles and skills and a small part of the immense legacy they have left behind which will continue to inspire people all over the world for many years to come.”
A solid album with all the sensibilities and technical excellence of the 70s and 80s with the…

GLENN TIPTON – Baptizm Of Fire (Japan Edition Expanded & Remastered)

As an original member of heavy metal forefathers Judas Priest, guitarist GLENN TIPTON has engaged audiences for nearly four decades with his aggressive yet melodic guitar playing.
The reason there was such a gap between Priest’s Painkiller (1990) and Jugulator (1997), other than the fact that they had to find someone worthy of replacing singer Rob Halford, was perhaps because main songwriter Glenn Tipton wrote and recorded 2 albums worth of material under his own name; Edge Of The World and this “Baptizm Of Fire“.
Displaying a wide range of styles ranging from bluesy hard rock, classical, classic rock and traditional British metal, all coalesce in this rockin’ album, and Tipton (who also sings) gets to work in song formats not common to Judas Prie