GEOFF MOORE (feat Dann Huff) – Over The Edge [Digitally Remastered +1] (2021)

All the ’80s, first three albums from GEOFF MOORE have been remastered, this one, “Over The Edge“, for the first time released on CD plus a bonus track.
“Over The Edge” is Geoff’s second album, and our favorite. It was 1986, he had the entire WHITE HEART band as session musicians – including future GIANT founder Dann Huff – so expect the catchy, crystal clear US mid-Eightes AOR songwriting & production sound.
It can be easily considered as a WHITE HEART / pre GIANT album, with Geoff Moore singing lead vocals. There’s more rocking tunes than on the other Moore albums, and of course your classy 1986 keyboard / synth runs on many songs plus that kind of harmony layered choruses.
This fresh remaster sounds million bucks.
HIGHLY Recommended

GEOFF MOORE (feat Dann Huff) – Where Are The Other Nine [Digitally Remastered +1] (2021)

All the ’80s, first three albums from GEOFF MOORE have been freshly remastered, and additionally, “Where Are The Other Nine“, his debut LP, appears on CD for the first time including a bonus track.
Originally issued in 1984, the record featured the entire WHITE HEART crew, co-writing, producing and performing, including talented Dann Huff dropping some exquisite rhythm / lead guitar.
The music is much more smooth and FM oriented than Geoff’s upcoming albums, some kind of Lite AOR / radio-rock with West Coast touches.

GEOFF MOORE (feat Dann Huff) – The Distance [Digitally Remastered +1] (2021)

All the ’80s, first three albums from GEOFF MOORE have been digitally remastered, two of them for the first time on CD. Working as part-time session vocalist, Geoff broke into the music scene in 1983 being signed by Power Discs and releasing his debut a year after.
The Distance” is Geoff’s third album from 1987, featuring a cast of star session musicians, including the unique Dann Huff (GIANT, at the time leader of WHITE HEART) playing guitar, his WHITE HEART bandmates Gary Lunn (bass) and Mark Gersmehl (songwriting), future GIANT bass player Mike Brignardello, the great Tommy Funderburk on harmony vocals, and more.
So expect a bunch of melodic tunes here with great musicianship and pristine production, somewhere between WHITE HEART / GIANT and the first RICHARD MARX album.
Highly Recommended