FURIES – Fortune’s Gate (2020)

Formed in Paris in 2013, FURIES were originally an all girl band, but Zaza Bathory (drums) adjusted the line up in 2015, with female shouter Lynda Basstarde (vocals and bass) joining, and again in 2016 with the addition of left hand and right guitar pair Billy Lazer and Sam Flash. And after listening to their debut album ‘Fortune’s Gate’ you have to say the changes have worked a treat.
What we have here is a killer slice of punchy classic hard rock; think SKID ROW Slave To The Grind era meets JUDAS PRIEST melodic-heavy circa 1982. You’ll be surprised by the great guitar work – true twin guitar attack – and the mix, assembling layers of different tracked guitar to create a giant sound.
As debut albums go, this is a spectacular beast. With…