FROZEN TEARS – Silence Of The Night [remastered +1] (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

Originally released in 1997, Australian melodic rockers FROZEN TEARS‘ debut album ”Silence Of The Night” is one of the much sought after indie CD’s out there, now available again in limited quantities. Copies circulating among collectors are pretty muddy in sound – this new revised / remastered version noticeably improves the quality.
Musically these guys are in the purest tradition of the genre mixing rockers with smooth AOR melodies, and a wide range of influences ranging from Kiss, Crystal Blue, Leatherwolf, to Roxus, Giant, Signal, TNT, The Promise, etc.
Frozen Tears went into an extended hiatus not long after the release of this album and its subsequent local tour to promote it, but the band never officially broke up, and this 2021 are back with new album, and a good one.
However ”Silence Of The Night”, even with some production imperfections, packs all the magic of a young band hungry to show up their skills to the world.
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FROZEN TEARS – Brazen Whisper (2021)

FROZEN TEARS are a melodic hard rock band from Melbourne, Australia. ‘Brazen Whisper’ is their second album, and not before time – it’s been almost a quarter of a century since their first album ‘Silence of the Night’ was released!
Their debut album established the template for the band’s sound, a blend of melodic rock/AOR with an overtone of hard rock, which referenced the band’s key influences (KISS, Whitesnake, Dokken and White Sister).
Both of the band’s musicians – Thanis Akritidis (vocal) and Jon Powers (guitars/keyboards/bass) – have a vast amount of experience between them, having led bands since the 1980s (melodic rockers Knight in the case of Akritidis; metal bands Blood On Kisses and Bloodstone in the case of Powers).
And it shows, for ‘Brazen Whisper’ marks a polished and powerful return for the duo, mixed and mastered by expert Ty Sims (House Of Lords, Tango Down)…