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FROST* – Day And Age [Limited 2-CD Edition] (2021)

Melodic progsters FROST* have always presented a unique blend of startling musicianship, gigantic production and inimitable sound. Their upcoming albums ”Day And Age” is a cohesion of all these attributes, and is perhaps the first studio album to so openly exploit the band’s deep sense of irony.
Fronted by co-founders Jem Godfrey and John Mitchell, and supported by the stupendous Nathan King (Level 42) on bass, the band currently does not have a dedicated drummer but continues their legacy of playing with some of the best in the business: Pat Mastelotto (Mr. Mister, King Crimson), Kaz Rodriguez (Chaka Khan) and Darby Todd (The Darkness).
Musically, this is a blend of wonderful sonics ranging from Asia, Saga, Marillion, Peter Gabriel Genesis, ’80s Daivid Gilmour’s Pink Floyd to Sons Of Apollo. The title track alone worth this terrific release, and if you need to enjoy the impressive instrumental versions, grab this Limited 2-CD Edition.
HIGHLY Recommended

LONELY ROBOT – Feelings Are Good [Limited Digipak +2] (2020)

An unsung hero of Progressive Rock, John Mitchell with his band LONELY ROBOT has yet again delivered an outstanding new album with “Feelings Are Good [Limited Digipak +2]” – to be released next Friday. A wonderful piece of work that is worthy of the highest praise. An absolute must for fans of authentic music, ‘Feelings Are Good’ is the most...

FROST* – Others (2020)

The brainchild of keyboard player Jem Godfrey, FROST* includes some progressive renowned musicians such as John Mitchell (Arena, Kino) and Craig Blundell (Pendragon). They are releasing “Others” tomorrow, that heralds the start of what looks like being a productive and FROST*-y 2020. This is an advance of the limited ’13 Winters’ anthology-artbook to be released later this year, then there’s...

KIM SEVIOUR – Recovery Is Learning (2017)

KIM SEVIOUR – Recovery Is Learning (2017)

Formerly the front woman of excellent progressive rock band Touchstone, KIM SEVIOUR has now launched her solo career with the release of “Recovery Is Learning“, today, July 28. The album has been done in partnership with one of prog music’s finest and prevalent musicians: John Mitchell (Lonely Robot, Frost*, It Bites). Together Kim and John co-wrote and produced ‘Recovery Is...

FROST* – Falling Satellites [Deluxe Edition +2] (2016)

No matter their level of activity, all’s right in the prog world when the on again/off again ensemble known as FROST* is in ‘on’ mode. Many of us have closely – and happily – followed the twists and turns of writer / keyboardist / vocalist Jem Godfrey’s group since they released the landmark album in 2006. This is the band...