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FISH – Weltschmerz (2020)

“This party’s over” snarls FISH on ”Weltschmerz”, and, this time, it seems the big man really means it. After threatening retirement for many years, the ex- Marillion singer has finally called time on his recording career.
His final present to the fans is a double album that looks back on his 32 years as a solo artist. And it’s really fascinating.
Over the decades the charismatic Scot has moved steadily from mainstream to cult status. He’s dabbled in pop (e.g “State of Mind”), hard rock…

MARILLION – Misplaced Childhood [Deluxe Edition remastered 2017]

MARILLION – Misplaced Childhood [Deluxe Edition remastered 2017]

MARILLION‘s classic masterwork 1985 studio album “Misplaced Childhood“, which features the hits Kayleigh and Lavender, has been reissued in a luxury Deluxe Edition including a five-disc set freshly remastered 2017. The 4CD+Blu-ray package features a newly remastered edition of the album, a concert from Holland across two CDs (including “Misplaced Childhood” performed in its entirety) and a fourth disc of...

FISH (Marillion) – A Feast Of Consequences (2013)

* Derek William Dick or simply FISH always will be ‘the vocalist’ of Marillion. Although Hogarth is great, he was the singer when we all fell in love with Marillion. Since Fish left the band for a solo career I was not too much hooked with his music.Well, things have changed with his fresh new album “A Feast Of Consequences”...