FINAL CONFLICT – Rise Of The Artisan (2020)

Few prog rock albums caught our attention this year, but FINAL CONFLICT‘s “Rise Of The Artisan” is one of them for sure. With a history dating back 35 years, this British band has built a solid, if low-key reputation on its foundation sound of twin vocals / guitar work, and neo-progressive melodic keyboards.
What we have here is a concept album, but what truly captivates is the fantastic music this combo is capable to deliver with taste and appeal to a wider audience.
Combining the neo progressive melody of early MARILLION, SAGA, late 80s PINK FLOYD, ARENA with the rock pulse and AORish feel of ASIA, SAGA, TREVOR RABIN and more, “Rise Of The Artisan” is a pure delight from beginning to end.
HIGHLY Recommended

FINAL CONFLICT – Return Of The Artisan (2012)

* FINAL CONFLICT is an internationally acclaimed Progressive Rock band based in UK. Since formed in 1985 by Andy Lawton and Brian Donkin, F.C. has established their own distinctive style of music and has been recognized worldwide for exploring new territories in the genre. Their new, captivating new effort is called “Return Of The Artisan” The band’s line up of...