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HAIRDRYER (pre Fighter V) – Off To Haïradise (2014)

Fighter V is releasing today their delicious Melodic Rock / AOR album ‘Fighter’, but before there was HAIRDRYER. Yes, the Swiss combo changed its name, but the same line-up (except keyboarder) previously operated under the Haïrdrÿer moniker, quite successful in Germany and Switzerland and with this album under their belt titled “Off To Haïradise”. As you see, the ’80s rock...

FIGHTER V – Fighter (2019)

Just when it seemed the revival of the ’80s wave had reached the top and began to show signs of saturation, here we have some young Swiss guys keeping the flame alive with a debut album that is the quintessence of Eighties AOR / Melodic Rock: FIGHTER V and their first CD “Fighter”, tweaked by talented Swedish producer Jona Tee (keyboardist in H.E.A.T).
Everything in Fighter V, from the band’s logo to aesthetics and, of course, the music, is a celebration of that golden decade.

Pure and simple, “Fighter” is a collection of instant melodic rock hymns made for the arenas, spiced by luxury AOR melodies.